At least 30% unemployment is coming.
The housing market will crash. Many
businesses will fail. Those with jobs
will still want entertainment.

Movies are cheap compared to concerts
and sporting events. Especially online
movies. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Shomi, and
others will flourish during the coming
depression. Movies with a sexual element
sell the best. This project is well

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My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.

This investment will comply with the securities and exchange laws of the province of BC. This offer is void in Pennsylvania.
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picture of steve cosmic, film director
Steve Cosmic, Inventor, disruptive filmmaker. SEE one of my inventions below. My bio and speeches here
This music video was inspired by one of the songs from A Wannabe Girl. I put it here to show my shooting and editing skills and talent. You can be sure that this movie will be high quality.

Is this story plausible? Yes it is. To verify this see comments in demo videos.
A Wanna Be Girl. The whole budget is only $39,000

A bikini girl with a moving and inspiring story of hope. 


A young woman was raped a few days prior to the start of the story. The movie is about some of the strangest days of her life. She blocks the memory and her feelings by doing something completely outside her comfort zone. She enters a bikini contest, and becomes preoccupied with training for it.

AN UNUSUAL STEP HAS BEEN TAKEN.... a 29 minute "mock up" of the movie has been made. It features some songs from the movie, with numerous scenes acted out by tryout actors. It will give you an excellent idea of what the movie will be like. Please watch the mock up of the movie above. Thank you.

If you are worried about the coming recession, or coming depression, you owe it to yourself to have a good look at this low cost investment with the potential to make a lot of money. I am a disruptive filmmaker. I know that making a good looking movie with an interesting
story, at a VERY LOW cost is the key to success. Proportionally, this movie can be MUCH
MORE successful than Star Wars or Harry Potter!
picture of movie award
two pictures of movie awards
picture of movie award
TWENTY SIX  festival screenings, 10 nominations, 8 awards.
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picture of movie award
picture of film festival award
picture of film festival award
picture of film festival laurels
A disruptive movie investment. Making a movie with a crew of 2 to 3, instead of 30. Reducing cost by 90%. HUGE return possible!

This is as disruptive as Uber. More disruptive actually. It makes the cost of this movie so very low that it will break even very fast. After that, it is all profit for 10 years. The quality of the movie is high, and the story is captivating and entertaining. Watch the samples. (Which were shot with a crew of ONE.)

This movie will make money when the market crashes.
3 tryout actresses.  Shot with a crew of one.

"Bikinis will get the movie attention. The story and geat acting will get it respect."
This is one of about 15 disruptive film rigs that I have invented. I will be using it and others to make this movie for 39K instead of 100K. (Some filmmakers would need 200K or even more. ) I can use a smaller crew, which saves more than just money. It saves time. By shooting quicker, the actors get less fatigued and give better performances. This makes a better movie.
I believe in this project. I am investing $2000, and maxing out my Visa card to do so.

I am an online movie marketing expert, and have complete faith that this movie will be very profitable.
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This is a 29 minute mock up of the 90 minute movie. You can visualize the whole movie.
A Wannabe Girl. Watch mock up movie below. I expect this movie to make $1,000,000 over 10 years. If you invest $37,000 you will get half.

Full budget 39K, including everything. I an investing $2000. This is lower risk than most people think.

A woman, 20's has been raped a few days prior. The man, was known to her. She is in shock for a few days, unable to function properly, neglecting her well being, including eating, hygiene, grooming and housekeeping. She stumbles upon an opportunity to escape her feelings, which also helps her block the memory. The escape plan is bizarre, but she embraces it to help herself survive. This story is about a few of the strangest days of her life.

Distributution is guaranteed. Investors can be anonymous and they do not have to have their name(s) in the credits.

IMPORTANT NOTES: A quick shoot, 9 to 12 days. No costumes or expensive props or locations needed. All locations are free.

BUDGET. The talent: Lead actress, $10,000, Supporting actress, $5000, 3 smaller actress roles $1000 each, total $3000, small parts, actress, $700, two actors, $800 each, total $2300. Grand total for talent, $20,300.

Producer, (multi tasking) $9000, Make up artist, 2 hours only, $200.

Food, $1000.

Locations, free.

Music, $3000.

Contingency, film festival fees, shipping fees, props, miscellaneous, $5500.

Director, free. Editor, free. Camera and gear rentals, free. Marketing work, free. (All worth $35,000)


The investment will comply with the securities laws of BC. After signing and payment, you will have 3 days to back out and get your money back.

I think this movie can make a lot of moeny. With the low budget, even online sales will be enough to break even.  And I expect it to get shown on TV for sure. A broadcast on CBC, CTV or W network will earn about $60,000 each. And U.S. TV pays lots more. It can be shown repeatedly for 10 years or more. Plus online sales! Monthly checks!

Watch the mock up of the movie below to learn a lot about this movie.  This will give a good idea of what the final full movie will be like. The scenes  feature try out actors who may or may not be in the final production. A $37,000 investment gets you 50% of all earnings for 10 full years.

The full script is available here. To get a better idea of the movie, the best thing is to meet in person, where I will give you an animated talk about the movie and better describe some scenes, and act out bits of it for you!

Why have bikinis in a movie?

Because it increases the             chances of a movie being a         success.

Consider this... all 26 James       Bond movies have had bikini      scenes.

Many other movies have              bikinis in them as well.

Bikinis do not guarantee a           movie's success, but it can't       hurt, so why not do it?

That's how the world is. I didn't  make the world. I just accept       what is.