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I have shot about 350  bikini clips. The clips are made into movies about 50 to 80 minutes long, and sold on vimeo.com. Vimeo is a higher quality site than youtube.

You can wear a wig and makeup disguise if you want. A wig can be provided. We can discuss this.
Bikini, swimsuit modelling jobs in Vancouver.
Go go girls wanted.

The ladies in the sample videos below had never been bikini models
before. Some came once, and some came 3 or 4 times. They all
danced and spoke the way they wanted. If you want to be a bikini
model, you can watch the videos below, and get back to me.

A female assistant will be at your shoot. You can
also bring someone with you if you like.

Email me here








If you have wanted a bikini modelling job,
here's your chance.

You can ask questions
through my email here.

All of these videos were shot in my home studio.

The backgrounds were put in later during editing.

Some were shot with my old camera. You will be shot with my new camera, and you'll look great!

Over 18 only. If you want to apply, email some pictures or send links to facebook or instagram, or youtube videos.

This is like go go dancing, except it is on video. You can send
the links to friends.

If you want to model and work your way into some easy acting, you can look here.

Another page for bikini gigs is here.

The pay starts at $50 per hour and goes up to $100 per hour or more.

My homepage is here.

All shoots are in a safe comfortable space. My female assistant will be here, and you can also
bring someone along if you like.

If you have been thinking of trying bikini modelling, here's your chance! Apply now by email.