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I have 7 feature films I want to make, with different levels of priority.

I also have a comedy short that I want to make that will win awards for sure!

I am looking for crew for all of these productions. Ideally, I would like to find people who want to participate in all or several of the productions. This can lead to ongoing working relationships which benefit us both.

You can assist behind the camera and work your way up to being a producer.  I would welcome a rookie producer or someone who wants to learn to be a producer. You can start with the easier productions, and work your way up to the more complex productions. There is no pay to start, you work for experience, on a volunteer basis.

Anyone wanting to learn how to cast, direct or produce, can apply now. And please, think big. See yourself producing A Wannabe Girl Story, and Sam and Leah, and winning awards as the producer. 

I have been called "a creative genius", "ahead of my time", and before giving a speech I was introduced as "the world's most interesting man". Well, people who have worked with me recognize my talent and ability. Others do not understand me, because being very creative means being misunderstood a lot. Ideally, I am looking for people who want to be part of ALL of my productions. (Though being in just one production is OK too.)

CREW NOTES: Micro crews used, get multi credits, and free training, using my fast methods. See my training page for some of what you will learn.
Here are my upcoming productions:

1. A Wannabe Girl Story (Working title)
A woman, 20's has been raped a few days ago. The man, about her age, was known to her. She is in shock for a few days, unable to function properly, neglecting her well being, including eating, hygiene, grooming and housekeeping. She stumbles upon an opportunity to escape her feelings, which also helps her block the memory. The escape plan is bizarre, but she embraces it to help herself survive. This story is about a few of the strangest days of her life.

Distribution is guaranteed, so defered pay should be no problem.

The rape is mentioned in dialogue, it is not acted out. "Bikinis will get the movie attention. Great acting will get it respect."

This movie will have FIVE music videos built into it! This will be an unusual movie, and I expect it to win awards. It will definitely get attention!

It will inspire and give hope to some viewers who have been the victims of rape.

2. A computer geek comedy, title confidential at this time. Bigger budget, about 7 females, and 5 males needed. Pay $200 to $1500 per role, plus deferral. Pay could be twice as much depending on the funding that I get.

3. Bowladrome. A comedy about bowling. Even bigger budget, more pay.
About 15 actors needed, male and female. Proposed pay $2000 to $3000 per role.

4. Sam and Leah. My dream project. Actors who have read the script say they are dream roles. Good pay, info here.

5. Sniper Tennis. An absurd short that will win awards for sure. (I have won other awards for my comedy shorts) Everyone gets paid. All outdoors so it is a summer project.

6. Ongoing bikini dance movies. Respectable and classy. Pay, good on camera experience, and networking. Fun! Look here to see others having fun. Casting ongoing, apply now.

I am only concentrating on project 1 at this time.

If you get involved with my projects, you can get lots of IMDB credits, perhaps as actor, writer, producer, casting director, set dec, and other categories.

To watch some great acting in an award winning movie that I produced, click here.
It is called Cam Girl, and most people did not like the script. "The greater an idea is, the more it is misunderstood."

My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4

Movie partner wanted. Let's tell stories and make money.

I have been trying to do too much by myself. I want a partner. I want someone who understands that to make a bunch of movies, they have to make money. I am outside the box, yet I have a high success rate. I have won 6 awards, and sold 7 of my movies to TV. Many people who read my scripts do not like them. Yet I had one movie screen at 13 festivals and win 2 awards. A Wannabe Girl Story, is bigger and better, and I am confident it will win awards and make money. I have 6 more projects after that. I expect them ALL to make money. They range from comedy to serious dramas. For my partner, I am not looking for someone who is thinking of just one project. I want someone who wants to actually make a living doing what we love doing. I want someone who understands the importance of being outside the box. Most movies lose money, and most movies are inside the box. I am an expert at online distribution, and producing micro budget movies. If interested, let's talk. I guarantee you an interesting chat!
My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
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