Disruptive filmmaking.

HOW I can make a movie for the low
prices shown here, will be EXPLAINED.

This page under construction, more
coming soon.

Make your movie in Vancouver. $20,500
$27,000 CAD
Demos below!

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Your movie will be shot in Ultra Hi Def (4K) and look similar to the sample clips above. Many different looks are possible, including "film looks". Please note that many of the other videos on my site were shot with my old camera.
If your goal is to make a movie to sell to television, check out the scene above. It is a typical, average scene. Visualize parts of your movie shot something like this scene. The quality is easily as good as most movies shown on TV. And it was directed and shot with a cew of one!

If you want to make a movie for a low price, you have found the right place.
Email me here

I can give you a good price on a short film too, for about $1200 to $2500, complete.
Here is an example of what I mean by disruptive filmmaking.

I invented this film rig. It enables you to get professional looking moving shots, without spending a fortune on Hollywood style methods.

Have a look, it's impressive. Think about how we can use this rig in your movie.
Some rough notes:

You do NOT NEED the following

Sound guy, AD, clapper, more than ONE vehicle bigger than a small van, makeup (most of the time) a storyboard artist, craft services (with a tiny crew food is taken care of by your multi skilled, multi tasking super PA)

walkie talkies, a colorist, a title person, a composer, production manager, production designer, sound designer, locations manager,

and lots more. You don't need them!!!

This is disruptive. MORE disruptive than Uber! More coming, check back in a day or two.

And do note my prices do not include your talent, locations, food, props or wardrobe if needed and other minor expenses. You may be able to get some or all of this for free.