Invest in low budget disruptive
movies, 6 movies in total.

Recession proof. Movies beat real
estate. A well researched article about
how movies beat real estate, is here. 
(Not written by me.)

Movies are cheap compared to concerts
and sporting events. Especially online
movies. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Shomi, and
others will flourish during the coming
depression. Movies with a sexual element
sell the best. This project is well

Six movie projects, from 20K to 1 plus million.

A Wannabe Girl. Watch mock up movie below. This movie can make $1,000,000 over 5 years. If you invest $35,000 you get half.

Full budget 39K, including everything. I will invest $4000. This is lower risk than most people think.

A woman, 20's has been raped a few days prior. The man, was known to her. She is in shock for a few days, unable to function properly, neglecting her well being, including eating, hygiene, grooming and housekeeping. She stumbles upon an opportunity to escape her feelings, which also helps her block the memory. The escape plan is bizarre, but she embraces it to help herself survive. This story is about a few of the strangest days of her life.

Distributution is guaranteed. Investors can be anonymous and they do not have to have their name(s) in the credits.

IMPORTANT NOTES: A quick shoot, 9 to 12 days. No costumes or expensive props or locations needed. All locations are free.

BUDGET. The talent: Lead actress, $10,000, Supporting actress, $5000, 3 smaller actress roles $1000 each, total $3000, small parts, actress, $700, two actors, $800 each, total $2300. Grand total for talent, $20,300.

Producer, (multi tasking) $9000, Make up artist, 2 hours only, $200.

Food, $1000.

Locations, free.

Music, $3000.

Contingency, film festival fees, shipping fees, props, miscellaneous, $5500.

Director, free. Editor, free. Camera and gear rentals, free. Marketing work, free. (All worth $35,000)


The investment will comply with the securities laws of BC. After signing and payment, you will have 3 days to back out and get your money back.

I think this movie can make a lot of moeny. With the low budget, even online sales will be enough to break even.  And I expect it to get shown on TV for sure. A broadcast on CBC, CTV or W network will earn about $60,000 each. And U.S. TV pays lots more. It can be shown repeatedly for years. Plus online sales! Monthly checks!

Watch the mock up of the movie below to learn a lot about this movie.  This will give a good idea of what the final full movie will be like. The scenes  feature try out actors who may or may not be in the final production. A $35,000 investment gets you 50% of all earnings for 5 full years.

The full script is available here. To get a better idea of the movie, the best thing is to meet in person, where I will give you an animated talk about the movie and better describe some scenes, and act out bits of it for you!

Invest 5K to 49K.

A computer geek comedy, title confidential at this time. Wild title!!

Bigger budget, about 7 females, and 5 males needed.

Pay $400 to $3000 per role.

Budget $49,000. Shot mostly in two locations, in 8 days.

Distribution is guaranteed.

(The title is outrageous and it is part of the reason this movie will be a big success.)
Invest 5K to 60K.


A comedy about bowling.

About 15 actors.

Pay $2000 to $3000 per role.

Budget $60,000.

Shot mostly in one location, in 8 days.

Distribution is guaranteed.

For ALL of these projects, distribution is getting easier and easier. I spent 3.5 years becoming an expert at online distribution.
Invest 5K to 200K.

Sam and Leah

A meaningful, feature length movie that will win awards.

FULL, long synpopsis, budget, sample scenes and lots more, here.

I believe this movie will win awards for sure.

Distribution is guaranteed.

Lots more on the website.

Email me here

My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.

These investments will comply with the securities and exchange laws of the province of BC. These offers void in Pennsylvania.
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picture of steve cosmic, film director
Inventor, disruptive filmmaker.  My bio and speeches here
This music video was inspired by one of the songs from A Wannabe Girl Story. I put it here to show my shooting and editing skills and talent. You can be sure that my movies will be high quality.
A Wanna Be Girl Story. The whole budget is only $39,000

A young woman was raped a few days prior to the start of the story. The movie is about some of the strangest days of her life. A bikini girl with a moving and inspiring story of hope. 


A young woman was raped a few days prior to the start of the story. The movie is about some of the strangest days of her life. She blocks the memory and her feelings by doing something completely outside her comfort zone. She enters a bikini contest, and becomes preoccupied with training for it.

AN UNUSUAL STEP HAS BEEN TAKEN.... a 29 minute "mock up" of the movie has been made. It features some songs from the movie, with numerous scenes acted out by tryout actors. It will give you an excellent idea of what the movie will be like. Please watch the mock up of the movie above. Thank you.


A Second Bikini Musical Comedy. Only $49,000 for whole movie.

FOUR  females, and three males, 19 to 35 live in a big house. One male and one female are rich, and the others have day jobs. The "movie rules" require them to sing sometimes, while wearing bikinis.


The 7 characters all have dreams they are pursuing. One girl wants to live at the Playboy Mansion. Another wants to be in a movie with Brad Pitt. One guy wants to be a pro hockey player. Some are taking acting, singing or dance training. They all know they are in a movie, and make references to the script sometimes.

There will be about 12 funny songs in the movie. The songs are sung a cappella, with soft music put in afterwards. Some sing well, others sing very poorly. The hockey player sings a song about his hockey dream wearing his hockey bottoms including skates, and a bikini top. The other guys sing songs wearing jeans and bikini tops.

Everyone is completely serious. When one of the others sing, they listen as if they are at a great performance.

They plan to do a variety show to raise money for food for unemployed actors. An evil neighbour tries to thwart the show, but they triumph. They raise 23 dollars and send it to Charlie Sheen.


THE MALAYSIAN AIR MYSTERY. Budget 1 to 2 million dollars.

A movie with background stories about the most plausible theories about the flight's disappearance, featuring a retired pilot's strange theory, which is the only theory that cannot be picked apart and refuted.

Lots has been written about the disappearance of Malaysian Air MH 370. It is a story which has captivated billions of people. This dramatic movie will have background stories on some of the best disappearance theories, acted out by interesting and colourful characters.

A lead character will be a retired pilot, who at one time was suicidal and thought of crashing a plane with passengers onboard. He has worked through the issues causing his depression, and he spends a lot of time reading theories about what happened. He is intuitive and a bit psychic, and very inventive with numerous patents, with a vivid imagination. He recalls an incident from his early flying days in which he could have easily died, with a passenger onboard. He researches deeper and realizes that a variation of what happened to him, could have happened to the pilots of MH 370.

The variation of what happened to him is acted out by the pilot and co-pilot, with the plane finally crashing in the South Indian Ocean. There will be lots of character development of the retired pilot, pilot and co-pilot, with flashbacks to the almost fatal incident of the retired pilot. His theory is logical, and cannot be refuted.

I have over 20 years of flying experience and I have studied the disappearance extensively. I have the only theory that cannot be picked apart and refuted. This could be a huge blockbuster! Want to invest?

I have not written the screenplay yet, but I could co-write it with someone with Hollywood experience.

SAM AND LEAH. Full budget 200K. This movie will win awards.

A romantic comedy where Sam, an older recovering alcoholic, helps Leah, a younger cocaine addict. They make some soft core porn, and thwart a murder plot. A wild, unexpected happy ending. Based partly on a true story.


Sam, 40's hires Leah, 20's to do some topless modelling. They do a shoot and go out for lunch. They become friends, though it is never a regular boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. They never have sex. Sam has been clean and sober for 10 years, and over time he learns that Leah is using cocaine, and sometimes working as a prostitute. She has an abusive drug dealer boyfriend, and they fight frequently and she often leaves him or gets kicked out, and when that happens Sam shelters her and feeds her.

Sam tries to get her off cocaine and prostitution, and they start a part time business making soft core lingerie videos. Sam learns that Leah's boyfriend is planning a big drug deal, which involves a murder. He comes up with a daring and dangerous plan to thwart the drug deal and the murder and to get Leah's boyfriend to leave him and Leah alone. There is a wild and happy ending which is described on the movie website. Lots of prep work has been done, including shooting some demo scenes which can be viewed on the website. A full, LONG synopsis is there too.


A Computer Geek Comedy. Full budget 49K. (The actual outrageous title is confidential at this time)

A computer geek creates an application and sells it for millions of dollars. He then has too much money and too much time, and no friends. He starts a small TV station, and his first production is a bikini contest.


Morpheus Widget, 20's, creates a computer app. He tries to get investors but no one will see him. He changes his name to that of a famous person from the past, and it works. He meets investors and gets millions of dollars.

He starts up a small TV station and hires a young woman to manage it. To get publicity, their first production is a bikini contest which is broadcast live. His manager gets 6 bikini contestants, and hosts the contest in their studio. The audience consists of 6 of the geek's facebook friends, and a few people who wander in from the street, prompted by a big "Bikini Contest, Today!" sign. There are 4 judges, with one being "the obligatory gay guy." The computer geek watches the contest from his apartment. He is too shy to attend.

He has a crush on one of his geeky facebook friends and instructs one of the cameramen to put her on camera as much as possible. The contest proceeds with lots of funny hijinks, off stage jealousy amongst the contestants, nerdy comments by his geek friends, and snide remarks by the judges.

Part way through the contest he develops a new crush on one of the contestants. He gathers his courage, and makes an unexpected visit to the contest to award the prize and meet his two crushes. Because of his money, all of the females hit on him. He has to pick one.

Bowladrome. A comedy costing only $60,000.

A bowling competition where one bowler has to win so he is not beaten, and another so he can get his wife back. Hosted by a disgruntled male commentator and a lesbian first time commentator.


Two bowlers compete for a $1500 cash prize and a trip to Reno. A male commentator who usually comments on baseball and football, feels demoted to have to host a bowling contest. He does not even consider bowling a sport. A lesbian is co-hosting so she can get speaking practice to be the M C at the Dyke Bikers Ball.

A busty bimbo football cheerleader puts on little shows and makes up cheers. The game proceeds. A witch flies in on her broom. A spectator learns how to do hexes from the witch's manual. One bowler uses a pistol to shoot down the last pin so he gets a strike. The game is declared a tie, and they draw names to pick the final winner. The lesbian commentator wins, and asks the cheerleader to go to Reno with her. "Sure. Is it in Europe?" says the cheerleader. A male spectator asks his buddy if he wants to leave now. His buddy says "No, I want to watch the witch get drunk." The male commentator tries bowling, and finds he actually likes it. End.

If you are worried about the coming recession, or coming depression, you owe it to yourself to have a good look at these low cost investments with the potential to make a lot of money.

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Business partner wanted. I have 6 movie projects slated for production. Budgets range from $20,000 to one million dollars. (Most are under 60K)

I am good at the creative end, and good at marketing movies too. But I am not so good at attracting investors and getting funding.

If you recognize my creativity and think you and I might be a good match, let's have coffee!