The disruptive budget. Micro crew, quick shoot.

The total budget is 27K, and it is fixed. I guarantee there will be no additional costs.

Lead actress, $8000
Supporting actress, $4000
Supporting actor, $3000
Guy with car, $200
Minor actor or actress, $200
Another minor actor or actress, $200

Producer, multi tasking, $4000
Production assistant, $800

Food, $1200
Props, wardrobe allowance, $200
Insurance, $500
Permits, $400

Transportation, parking, miscelaneous, $200
Aggregators (distribution agents) $2000
Film festivals, promotion, $400
Contingency, equals amount left over, not in total of everything above.

(About $5000 worth of promotion and distribution work will be done free by the director)

Total, $27,000

The figures may vary a bit.

The investor gets 50% of profits for 5 years.

Shooting should be about 7- 10 days, and it should be for sale 4-6 weeks after shooting.

All production gear and the main location provided by the director. Full editing, special effects, and music included.

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