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My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
I have a full slate of projects.

A Wannabe Girl This will be next. A 39K budget.

More projects here. Budgets from
39K to 200K.


picture of movie award
picture of film award
picture of best movie award
picture of best movie award
TWENTY SIX  festival screenings, 10 nominations, 8 awards.
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picture of film festival award
picture of best music video award
picture of film award
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A disruptive movie, 27K budget. It will look like it cost 200K. An ideal web/TV movie.

You will get half the profits for a full 5 years. Budget here.

It is being made for Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo on Demand, and youtube Pay Per View etc. It may get on regular TV as well. The low cost means it will start earning a profit quickly. It will be for sale 8 weeks after shooting.

It's funny! It's musical! It will have 6 scenes which are like built in music videos. Some will have special effects! It will be made with a crew of two! (Very disruptive)

I won 4 awards for my recent music video. (You can watch it elsewhere on this site.) I have won 8 awards altogether. You can find out all about me from the rest of my site.

Distribution is guaranteed. I am a movie marketing expert.

It is called The Magic Lemon. Find out how it is disruptive, and read the full script here.
All projects will comply with the securities laws of BC.  Briefly, you will have 3 days to change your mind and get your money back after signing.

Great bragging rights at parties! You will get credits as the executive producer.  And you and others you know can be in the movie!

The budget includes all editing, music, contingency, location rentals, permits, festival fees, aggregator fees, and insurance.
Recession proof. Movies beat real estate. A well researched article about how movies beat real estate, is here.  (Not written by me.)

Why a character in a bikini? Because it increases attention and sales. The first step in making a sale is having the online poster get noticed. Bikinis do that. That's how the world is. That's a fact, and it would be foolish to ignore that fact.

Note: The photos above are freeze frames from try out movies. Those actresses will not be in The Magic Lemon.
A funny bikini movie investment!

20 times ROI possible

I am investing my own money too

Distribution guaranteed!

Quick to make!

The bikini aspect = sales!

I work, no work for you!