My full credentials and lots of video samples, here.

There is no nudity in this movie.

Bullet Bra Sweater Girls is now available on Vimeo on Demand and Amazon. My distributor will submit it to multi platforms including Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and cable markets around the world. I will do the same with this Marilyn movie! You will get seen!

In this movie we will try to duplicate Marilyn Monroe's famous dress
blowing scene. Lots of laughs guaranteed!
   A Marilyn Monroe Movie!

  3 "Marilyn Monroe's" and 1 "Bettie Page"      wanted!

Bullet Bra Sweater Girls, stars Jade North, Sarah Novicki, and Claudia Luna. They all got IMDB credits, and Jade got multi credits.  The trailer is above. Everyone had lots of fun!
NOTE: The 4 parts below use the original name, and have a cinema look instead of a reality TV look like the trailer above.
NOTE: The picture quality is low on youtube. The version for sale is like the trailer.

Part 1, here

Part 2, here

Part 3, here

Part 4, here

This Marilyn Monroe movie will use the same successful format and the same shooting style.


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For an upcoming feature film, to be shot reality style, using the successful format used in the movie below. No memorization, it will all
be shot improv, using scene outlines. You just chat with each other, it's easy! All paid roles.

PAY: All Marilyns get a wig, wig cap, and dress to keep. The wigs may be different styles. And pay as follows:

One Marilyn gets $1200, for about a 10 hour shoot one day, and a 2 hour shoot another day.
Two Marilyns get $800 each, for a 6 hour shoot one day, and a 2 hour shoot another day.

Bettie gets a wig, wig cap, and one or two outfits to keep, which may be ordered online, or a spending allowance to put together her own outfit(s).

Bettie gets paid $1800, for about a 10 hour day day, and 4, two hour shoots on other days.

Everyone will get an expensive bullet bra
to keep.

Part of the movie includes a professinal photo shoot by a renowned glamour photographer.

Everyone will get some great photos as well.

Bettie will be the interviewer and voice over narrator.

A female producer, casting director and AD multi tasker is wanted too. Good pay. No experience needed. Enthusiasm wanted!!

Everyone will get IMDB credits as well, with the producer getting multi credits.

You can watch the successful movie I made last summer using this improv, reality type method, in the trailer below, and in 4 parts on youtube.

Auditions this spring. I want to find our producer, multi tasker first. Everyone will be here at the same time. Everyone will demonstrate some improv acting. Preference given to those with improv experience, and if you have done "Theatre Sports" that is a big plus. Please tell others. Send pics and brief bio by email.
Age range about 19 to 33.

Why I have mostly worked with young women in the past while.

Because it is what I am best at. And it makes sense to work with your strengths.

It started by accident in 2003. I was casting a young woman to star in a movie about sexual abuse. I auditioned about 6 or 8 actresses, in long auditions, and called some of them back. We talked, and some of them shared personal stories with me. I could see they felt comfortable with me.

I didn't think much of it at the time, and over the next few years I worked on projects that were about half male and half female.

Around 2013 I did extensive research on the net and found that movies that feature bikini girls have the best chance of success. So I started making some, and again found that young women liked working with me, and that I was good at working with them. So that's why I have mostly worked with young women the past few years. And the movies I make have a much higher than average chance of being a success. I need money for my bills and to make my more serious movies.

(I have upcoming movies which will have males too!)
Do you want to be the next Pamela Anderson?

If yes, click here!
UPDATE on the below:

First I want to find ONE Marilyn. We can
start with some photos and a screen test. Then some short movies. You don't have to look exactly like her. Wig styles can vary.