Movie 2. Two actresses wanted for a comedy feature film. New actors are welcome to apply for this acting gig. Get pay, experience, IMDB credits. This is in Vancouver. A quick shoot, see below.

This movie will be shot improv, reality style. Limited memorization!

Needed, a Marilyn Monroe, a Betty Page and two improv guys. All about 19 to 28. I will write scene outlines for the guys soon.


Marilyn Monroe Now
Marilyn Monroe Today or Marilyn's Car Chase Movie (Working titles)

An Improv Comedy Movie
by Steve Cosmic

Draft 2.1, October 21, 2018
(more details coming)
About 80 minutes long.

This is a farce! It is not meant to be sensible!

Some sample clips and the funny song can be found through links at the very end of the script. No nudity.

The Characters:

Marilyn Monroe, 20's an aspiring actress. Her character will be created by the actress, after studying the scene outlines below, and brainstorming with the director. Marilyn is the main character. Marilyn's shoot should be doable in two fairly easy days, with about an hour of voice over narration to be done when the editing is nearing completion. Marilyn's pay will be $600 ($300 on deferral) and she can keep the wig and dress afterwards. The wig and dress style may vary a bit. Marilyn can also supply additional outfits that suit her character if she wishes.

Betty Page, 20's, also an aspiring actress. She is the secondary character. Her character will be created after studying her scenes and brainstorming with the director. Her shoot will be about 4-6 hours. Her wardrobe can be something like the photos, or she can wear a lingerie type outfit if she likes. If she supplies both types of outfits, she will get more screen time. Her pay will be $300 ($150 on deferral) and a wardrobe allowance of $50, and she can keep her wig and anything purchased.

Both actresses will also get IMDB credits and a copy of the movie, and can attend the screening party.

Both actresses will help create their own characters.

Both actresses should understand basic improv, in that their conversational lines should end with an opening for the other actress to speak. This can involve a question sometimes, or a sentence that invites an opinion or comment from the other actress. It is easy! Almost no memorization, with only some limited aproximate memorization. You have to be talkative, but you can plan in advance what you will talk about.

The movie will be shot using the same style of shooting as shown in a trailer which can be viewed here. The full movie can be viewed here, though just watching the trailer is good enough initially to get an idea of how it will look. The same indoor location will be used, and some of the outdoor locations will be the same too.

Before each scene the actress will be able to read over the scene outline and discuss it with the director. Remember it is improv. However, in some scenes there are lines which the writer/director wants to have included for sure. The lines can be changed a bit in most instances. 

Below, "she" or "you" may be used interchangeably, and both mean Marilyn. You put the basic ideas into your own words. Mention several times what Marilyn would be like if she was here today. Say you are a Modern Marilyn sometimes.


Marilyn is sitting at a kitchen table with her wig and a white dreess on the table. She sips coffee sometimes as she talks.

Hi I'm Marilyn Monroe and I'm starring in this movie. Ha ha, well I 'm not really Marilyn Monroe, I'm an actress. Not a rookie either. I've got an agent and I was almost in a deodorant commericial.

And my agent said I might get to audition for a big budget romantic comedy. There's a big star in it... I forget his name.... you'd know him...... an English guy with normal ears.

I just love Marilyn Monroe, I've seen all her movies over and over. (She puts on wig) What do you think do I look like her? (Looks in hand mirror) Talk about the dress you are going to put on in a minute. Hold it up etc.

Oh, and the director said we're going to be doing a car chase scene. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was never in a car chase scene in any of her movies? Well she wasn't.

It's going to be so exciting, I can't wait. My sister said I'll never make it as an actress and I'll probably end up doing porn. But I'll show her. .... etc etc.... talk about why you will be a successful actress for 1 minute. When your sister sees you in the car chase scene she'll know you've hit the big time. etc etc. Then say you are going to change into the dress.

If OK with it, you will change into the dress on camera, talking all the while. (It will not be close up) If not, say you are going to change and you'll be right back and walk out of frame.

If she goes out of frame....


Marilyn walking into frame, wearing the dress and wig, doing a Marilyn walk. She sits and looks at herself in the hand mirror again.

I work as a waitress as a day job until I start getting regular acting work.

Talk about your day job, real or imaginary, and some of the people who work there etc. Mention you are not a very good waitress sometimes because you are always thinking about acting and being a big star etc etc....
1 to 2 minutes of this....

Umm, I'm going to make some more coffee. (She looks at the director standing by the camera) You said you were just going to follow me around with the camera all day...... are you going to like watch me make coffee and stuff like that?  (Director nodded) Yes? OK..... she walks into kitchen and makes instant coffee. She talks about using instant coffee because it is way cheaper plus she can get all the coffee she wants for free when waitressing. More talk while in kitchen making coffee. She can mention that she thinks the car chase scene will be the best part of the movie.


She walks back to table and sits down.

Oh yeah, where was I? (looks at director) I just keep talking to the camera, right?

Well I moved here from a small town a year ago and started taking acting classes. Talk about classes, the instructor, some of the other students. What your first class was like. What you do there etc.

Some have talent, some don't. Mention a girl named .... (   ) who really has no talent. Talk about how bad she is, mistakes she makes , maybe she is beautiful with a great body but that isn't enough to be a success.
Expand on this.... dedication and hard work needed etc. etc etc etc.

(    ) will never make it. Now there's one who probably will end up doing porn. But she has really nice hair and does her own hair so maybe she can be a hairdresser.  or whatever, etc etc.

Mention why you think you'll make it and what kind of roles you want to play etc etc.

Oh, I have some antiques, would you like to see them?

She reaches for something in the corner of the room on a chair.


She displays an Elvis vase and a Barbie doll with one leg cut off. These are really valuable. I got them cheap but they're worth a total of about fifty thousand dollars. The Elvis vase was made in Mexico in 1920. The Amputee Barbie was a new doll they tried selling when women were allowed to go into combat and some of them got their legs blown off. ...... they didn't sell that well. They only made a few, that's why it's so valuable.

She says she might sell them soon, and use some of the money to buy a car and some of the money to go to New York to take advanced acting classes.

(She holds Barbie while she talks)

She talks about the great classes that are there etc etc etc. Mention anything you know about the Meisner technique and Method acting. Talk about any famous actors who trained there. Why you want to go there. Anything you know about New York. If you want to see the Yankees play baseball when there? Or Broadway plays? You might mention any concerns you have about safety in NY, how expensive it will be,

And if you'll have to live in a dumpy room with rats and roaches. Anything.


Marilyn mentions that she is going out for a walk. She wants to see what kind of looks or reactions she will get.


coming up, walking outside in different locations, some the same as the sweater girls movie. She walks out of McDonalds eating an ice cream cone and it falls on the sidewalk. She is a glass half full kind of person.... "oh well, I still have some of the ice cream, and I like the cone"

She might sing a song, "Don't Drop The Baby" . If she doesn't sing it on camera, it will be heard during the credits.

She sings a capella. Music will/may be added later. The song may be changed a bit. The actress can change the song a bit. (This has already been recorded by another actress and it may be used, or we may record it with Marilyn singing)

When I was just a babe of one,
And my sister was thirteen,
She was holding me in her arm as she walked,
When she suddenly got a phone call,

It musta been an important call,
Cause she kinda forgot about me,
She talked and I wiggled and fell on the floor,
She had to cut off her con-ver-sation.

I just wouldn't stop cryin',
I had bumped my head on the floor,
It changed me comp-letely,
When I got older I turned into a whore.

So don't drop the baby,
Or she'll turn out like me,
I've had hundreds of boyfriends
I don't know all their names,
I can't hold a job and I'm late on my rent

Oh don't drop the baby, or she'll turn out like me,
No don't drop the baby or she'll turn out like me.

These ROUGH scenarios not necessarily in this order.
Will be expanded and made more clear
as mentioned. All improv.

Betty Page comes to chat. She says she likes the Elvis Vase and they are at Walmart for $12.95. Marilyn is devestated, and gobbles down a chocolate bar she is so upset.

She makes Kraft Dinner. She stands waiting for the water to boil and stirs it "Sometimes I stir the water, but you don't really have to."


I have to do my laundry. She picks up a full landry basket and leaves

Laundry room. Marilyn enters and starts putting her clothes in the washing maching.
After some regular clothes, she puts in a sweatshirt with HUGE dried mud stains and ketchep and mustard stains.

Then she puts in a bike helmet, a boot, and the pot the KD was cooked in. "KD always sticks to the pot, did you ever notice that?"

Then she reaches into a small cardboard box which was under the clothing in the laundry basket, and pulls out a live gerbel or hamster. "Can't forget Roger!" and she puts him in the washing maching and closes the lid. The machine is heard to start.

She stands by the machine for a while, looking bored. Numerous fades ins and outs to her doing doing boring things, some dumb looks, bored looks, phoney smiles....
the viewer will know that about 15 or 20 minutes have passed. "I didn't think it would take so long. I think I'll come back later. She leaves.

Cut to apartment table. She goes into kitchen for coffee or something to eat. Talks about her laundry. She mentions Roger was getting kinda smelly and he needs a bath. She leaves to put laundry in the dryer.

She comes back, Unfortunately, Roger died. At first I thought he was sleeping, but I couldn't wake him up. (beat) . I only paid $5 for him. (shrugs) He was on sale.

She drinks more coffee or maybe nukes a snack and talks about whatever. Maybe about Roger. Or the car chase scene, what the weather is like for the car chase scene, how fast she'll be going or whatever.

End of laundry scene.

Marilyn and Betty take phone pics of each other. Lots of talk about this.

Several times she mentions she is eagerly awaiting the car chase scene. This builds up anticipation.

Marilyn and Betty talk about getting auditions and their big hopes.

Marilyn exercises with small hand weights, and small exercise gizmos, saying the director told her she had to be in good shape to be in the car chase scene.

Marilyn sings Happy Birthday Mister President (like MM really did for President Kennedy when
they were having an affair.)

She sings it like she is singing it to the president. Imagine Trump but his name is not mentioned... there can be a reference to something Trump said so everyone will know she is pretending she is singing to Trump. She can do some quick Madonna type pelvic thrusts while singing.

Marilyn is awating a phone call from her agent, to see if she got a part in a commercial. She mentions this.

Marilyn demonstrates how high heels make her legs look better, compared to runners. She walks into kitchen for more coffee wearing one high heel and one runner. She might wash her dishes like this too.
Lots of comments and talk all the time.

She sweeps the floor wearing one high heel and one runner.

Marilyn sweeps the floor with shots of her broom sweeping up HUGE amounts of dust and dirt, including some live worms and a fish head. Close ups on dust pan and waste paper basket where she empties dust pan. Fish head and live worms are seen.

She leaves the waste paper basket in the room without emptying it.

Ummm, I don't know what to say... oh, you know what's really good? Fried KD.   She talks abou this a bit.

More outside walking, some might be with Betty.
She asks the director when they'll be shooting the car chase scene. Off camera the director says soon.

There will be a re-enactment of Marilyn's famous dress blowing up scene. Betty might be there and do it too. It will be shot on green screen, and made to look like it is over an air vent on a sidewalk.

Marilyn plays Monopoly by her self. She cheats! Some of this is sped up very fast in editing.

There can be about 3 minutes of standup comedy, which I can write or you can write.

Some of the below is shown scripted, but Marilyn will ad lib.


Nearby quiet residential street. Parking is permitted on both sides of the street, which creates a one lane situation in the middle. Traffic moves fairly slowly. The director is with Marilyn in a part of the street, pointing towards the area she will be running. He turns to point towards where Marilyn will wait for a car to come, and when his back is to her, Marilyn makes a funny know it all face and sign with her hand. When the director turns towards her she suddenly pretends she was listening closely all the time. Their voices may be heard faintly, though their motions are enough for the viewer to figure out what is

The street, camera looking towards where the director and Marilyn were standing before. A vehicle comes towards camera and past camera with Marilyn running in a funny way as if she wanted to catch the car. The actual run is only 4 or 5 seconds. She does this 2 to 4 more times. (we want 3 good takes for the movie)
She calls at the car as she runs...
Wait! You have to sign something! We're making movie history.!!


Marilyn is running in middle of the street behind my camera dolly, with no traffic. She does a funny run as before.
The running after the camera dolly clips are cut to the first clips. It will look good with live voice.

Wait! You have to sign something! We're making movie history!! (several beats) Wait! We're making movie history!! You have to sign!....

This is done for two or three cars.

Then, we cut to a convertible toy car about 2 feet long, with a rope tied to the front. The rope is not visible in the tight shot. Then a wide shot, as the toy car is pulled at running speed while Marilyn runs after it. Funny running. Marilyn is getting fed up with the car chase scene idea by this time and it shows in her body language.

The dolly running part will be about 15 to 20 seconds long.... dolly will slow down.... Marilyn slows to walking speed, as she walks back home. She is carrying the toy car.


(puffing a bit) It's not what I thought it would be, that's for fucking sure....... (fucking will be bleeped out. bleeps are funny)...... (5  or 6 beats.... walking) Kinda fucking stupid actually....... (4 beats) But then I guess playing Monopoly by myself isn't so fucking brilliant either...... (beats) Oh well, at least I can say I was in a car chase scene in a movie. (beat) Not everyone can say that. (2 beats) I'll put it on facebook.

The director says I can keep this car


I can tell my sister the director liked my acting so much he gave me a car!



MARILYN walks in and sits down after the car chase scene.

I guess this is about the end. (looks at director) Have you got enough to make a movie? You think anyone will watch it?

Marilyn looks partially away for a bit. Her phone rings. It's her agent. She is excited. She listens as she holds the phone in one hand, and points at it with her other hand and looks at the camera....... good news is being heard)

Wow! ......That's great! ......... OK...........  You'll text me the call time and location...... ..... (beat) I'll be there for sure!!! Thank you!!

Marilyn puts her phone down and looks at the camera.

I got a paid part in a commercial!! It's $500 for the day and I get food too! It's for a restaurant commercial. I don't have to memorize any lines. (beat)  I'm going to be a tomato. (beat) Finally all of my acting classes have paid off!

For $500 I would have memorized lines. Well, .... but of course tomatos can't talk anyway.


Marilyn's voice will continue with the screen black for a bit, with some funny comments.

Credits start, with "Don't Drop The Baby" heard.

During credits, cut to Marilyn sitting at a bus stop. She is talking to her sister on her phone.
"Oh, the car?.... I gave it away. It was small. I want something bigger"

Cut to, Betty sitting at another bus stop.
She is holding the car, talking on her phone.... "The other actress gave me a plastic car. I think I'll put some soil in it and grow some pot"


IN CREDITS, there will be something like this.... The washing machine was on for only a minute. The medic tried CPR but it was too late. We put Roger in his box and taped it really well before putting him in the dumpster. The PA said a few words about gerbel heaven and a short prayer for Roger.

Later in the credits..... In memory of Roger.

ALL OF THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. More outdoors, walking, drinking take out coffee at a park bench, etc etc. FULL SCRIPT NOTES COMING!


NOTE, some of the scenes were taken from another comedy movie which was partially shot and then abandoned, due to the limited availability of the actress. You can get ideas by watching 4 short clips at the links below.  Imagine Marilyn in her dress and heels.

You can also hear parts of "Don't Drop The Baby". I am leaning towards having Marilyn sing this instead of the version you will hear. So you should be prepared to sing this. Great singing is not needed. Bad singing will be good!

To watch the 4 bits for ideas, click here, here, here and here.

I am keen to get feedback on this asap, even before I add to the rough scene ideas above. Tell me what you think. Want to be Marilyn? Or Betty?




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There is no nudity in this movie.

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To apply send pics and a brief bio by email.
Age range about 19 to 33.

Why I have mostly worked with young women in the past while.

Because it is what I am best at. And it makes sense to work with your strengths.

It started by accident in 2003. I was casting a young woman to star in a movie about sexual abuse. I auditioned about 6 or 8 actresses, in long auditions, and called some of them back. We talked, and some of them shared personal stories with me. I could see they felt comfortable with me.

I didn't think much of it at the time, and over the next few years I worked on projects that were about half male and half female.

Around 2013 I did extensive research on the net and found that movies that feature bikini girls have the best chance of success.

So I started making some bikini movies, and again found that young women liked working with me, and that I was good at working with them. So that's why I have mostly worked with young women the past few years. And the movies I make have a much higher than average chance of being a success. I need money for my bills and to make my more serious movies.

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The Marilyn Monroe dress blowing up scene is the third most classic movie scene of all time! You can look here to watch it.

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This webpage is about 2 movies, with movie 1 being shot first. Current postings on actors sites/facebook are about movie 1.

Movie 1. "Marilyn Monroe Tries Out" (Working title) Think of a one actor, Fringe Festival play with outdoor scenes.

It will use some of the lines, and some of the scene outlines from movie 2, and a Marilyn Monroe wig and dress. It will be shot reality style, so applicants must be chatty and able to improvise. We will do brainstorming together before shooting. It will be sold online as a VOD. It is a test movie before making movie 2. Age range, about 19-27.

About an 8 hour shoot. Pay (was $200) now $300 and you get an IMDB movie credit as an actress staring in a feature film. To apply and audition, click here. (Please read everything below first.)

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