Actress wanted for an upcoming fun project!  Play Marilyn Monroe!

Look here.

Swimsuit models wanted.

Get pay, get experience,
get pics. No nudity.

Learn, maybe
get discovered!

Model search for bikini movies. Looking for a new model, asap. Pay, starting at $50-80 per hour for first shoot, going up to $120 per hour. The shoots are 2 to 4 hours long.

Respectable and classy. Pay, good on camera experience, and networking. Fun!

Can you dance, runway walk or talk? (You don't have to talk if you don't want to.)

How we take photos, here.

Talking, here.

See sample movies, here.

The videos are compiled into longer movies which are sold on vimeo dot com and other respectable sites.

You might get fans. You definitely get money, experience, and fun!

You get good pay, in a safe and comfortable environment, and some pictures too.

No nudity.

My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4

Comments from models who have worked with me.

"Hi Steve, this is Veronica, and this is the email where you can send the video links once you are done working your editing magic. Would love to do some more bikini dancing
for you." Cheers, Veronica.
(You can see her here.)

"Hi Steve, thanks so much for the
opportunity of doing the shoot.
You were very focused,
professional, easy going and an
overall great person to work
with. I like your honest comments
to help people improve
themselves. I had lots of fun and
look forward to doing work with
you in the future. Take Care,
(You can see her here.)

"Hey Steve!!!!! It was great to
work with you. I had fun, and I
am glad we will be doing another
shoot! Thank you very much!
See you soon! :) Betsy"
(You can see her here.)

That was a really fun shoot! Thank you so much for that. Also I want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable and safe. Your humour helped me become more natural on camera. I look forward to see the end result. Thanks again Steve and good luck with the editing! Bye for now. =), Breanne "
(You can see her here.)

Just wanted to say you were easy
going and created an atmosphere
that was comfortable to shoot in, I
felt completely comfortable while
at your location, you taught me
valuable knowledge on eye
contact with or without the
camera, you made some funny
coments and had a good attitude.
I was happy and had fun while
dancing for everyone. Thank you
for everything. I hope to work
with you again.....Yours truly,

"PS: Every bit of this is true and
I do hope to be able to do further
work with you...
(You can see her here.)

picture of male photographer
My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
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picture of female model
I make these bikini movies to help finance my more serious movie projects. If you are interested in acting, click here
The world loves watching girls dance! This has been true for centuries, and includes belly dancing, hula dancing, ballet, Broadway dancing and Vegas showgirls. And of course bikinis are always popular! We are creating clean, fun entertainment, that you can be proud to be part of. You will learn a lot and have fun too. 
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Thank you!
Besides these bikini movies, I have 4 other "real" movies in pre production.

With these movies there can be acting opportunities for you! You can start with an easy and fun bikini shoot.

I have been called "a creative genius", "ahead of my time", and before giving a speech I was introduced as "the world's most interesting man". Well, people who have worked with me recognize my talent and ability. Others do not understand me, because being very creative means being misunderstood a lot. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award, and I can probably help advance your career too.

You will be able to send video links to modelling agencies so you can get an agent. You can also send links to casting directors for movie work. Even if you don't want to act, you can be an extra in movies, and this will help.
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picture of female model
picture of 4 movie awards
picture of 5 film awards
If you have been looking for modelling jobs or modelling work in Vancouver, this might be for you.

Have you been a car show model, or a ring card girl? Have you been looking for bikini contests in Vancouver? One of my movies is a bikini contest movie! If you are a bikini model with me you will be able to send links to talent scouts and casting directors. If you are a new model or a beginner model, or if you have never modelled before, check out the modelling links. If you want to be a bikini model, I am VERY easy to work with!

If you want to get represented by a modelling agency, you need some experience. This is a good place to start getting modelling experience.

You must be over 18, and photo ID is required.
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Watch this sample movie.
Do you want to be a big star like Pamela Anderson?

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Why have I mostly worked with young women in the past while?

Because it is what I am best at. And it makes sense to work with your strengths.

It started by accident in 2003. I was casting a young woman to star in a movie about sexual abuse. I auditioned about 6 or 8 actresses, in long auditions, and called some of them back. We talked, and some of them shared personal stories with me. I could see they felt comfortable with me.

I didn't think much of it at the time, and over the next few years I worked on projects that were about half male and half female.

Around 2013 I did extensive research on the net and found that movies that feature bikini girls have the best chance of success. So I started making some, and again found that young women liked working with me, and that I was good at working with them. So that's why I have mostly worked with young women the past few years. And the movies I make have a much higher than average chance of being a success. I need money for my bills and to make my more serious movies.

(I have upcoming movies which will have males too!)

More sample videos here.

A "New Pamela" tryout girl.

Can you do this?
A female assistant will be at your shoot. You can also bring someone with you if you like.
A female assistant will be at your shoot. You can also bring someone with you if you like.

Remember, you can wear a wig and makeup disguise for some of it or all of it if you want. We can discuss this.
A female assistant will be at your shoot. You can also bring someone with you if you like.

You can wear a wig and makeup disguise if you want. We can discuss this.
OVER 30 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 8 awards.