A bikini model/actress wanted! The next Pamela Anderson maybe? Want to try?

Pamela Anderson wore bikinis to get attention and she got rich and famous.

I have paid work for an ambitious bikini model, or an ambitious actress who is comfortable in a bikini. If you are an actress getting nowwhere, this could be for you. If you are a model who wants to get into acting, this could be for you.

Of course I can't guarantee you will get rich and famous, but I can work with you to give you a  chance to learn a lot, and to get seen a lot. "Experience and credits."

I have 8 or more shoots we can do. The first ones would be in a bikini, and the others as a "sweater girl". You will get direction and acting coaching at each shoot.

Below are some sample videos you can watch. We would plan to do the shoots, in the approximate order that you see. You will earn about $1000.
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Lies about me

About 2.5 years ago someone posted some lies about me on a filmmakers/actors group on facebook.

It was up for a week before I was told about it. I was not active on facebook at the time.

Someone said I was trying to have sex with young actresses. It was completely untrue. Under the comment there were "likes" and other comments suggesting I placed audition postings so I could "get them naked" and other comments.

It was very hurtful. I tried to defend myself and the comments got even worse. I didn't know that I could have had all of the postings removed.

The problem is some people believed them. Now, years later there are still some people who believe them.

Reality is I have always treated any actresses or models with respect. I have never tried to have sex with anyone, or to touch anyone or anything like that.  I have been a respectful gentleman.

After all this time not even one person has come forward to say I did anything improper.

If you have heard something negative about my behavior with actors, try to find some verification. There is none.

I am sincere and kind. People who have worked with me know this.

I think outside the box. This means I am misunderstood a lot. Lots of people criticize what they don't understand. They find fault because they are insecure about their own talents or abilities.

I made a long page trying to explain why this might have happened. I realize now the page is too long for most people to read. But if you want to look, you can look here.

On that page you will find other links to actors and models pages with testimonials from people who have worked with me. The testimonials are all true, and they can be verified if you want to investigate.

It hurt me a LOT. People who have worked with me know the truth.

This girl was very ambitious and we did 2 or 3 shoots. But then her parents talked her out of it. She is now back in Australia.

Too bad, she was getting popular.

Can you talk about yourself like her?

All dance styles are welcome. You dance how YOU want to dance.

The dances and talking videos are compiled into movies about 60 minutes long, like the sample here, and sold online.

There is no nudity involved in any of this.

If you only want to do part of this program, maybe we can do that.

Have a good look at everything, and then we can meet for coffee to discuss.

The 3 top movies were shot with my old camera. You will be shot with my new camera,
and look great!

After about 3 shoots like the above, you can try some practice acting, like in the video below. The actress you will see is doing a "cold read", meaning she is not that familiar with the script, and she has obviously not memorized it.

Learning how to do good cold reads is essential for successful auditions. You will be in a bikini for only
about 5 minutes, different than the movie below. 
Can you see yourself doing as well or better than the girl above? I will coach you if needed. It is fun actually. Have a look, it is an essential skill to have for auditions.
We can then move into real acting. Above is a bit of a comedy movie that you can do. It involves memorization. Though maybe, we'll do it as a cold read, we'll see how it goes. You will be coached as needed. I am a patient director, and easy to work with.

Here is a feature film we just finished, about "Sweater Girls"

You will get a free bullet bra if we do some sweater girl shoots, and I have 9 sweaters you can use too!
This music video won 4 awards. I want to do another music video featuring a famous song from the 70's by Neil Diamond.

This would be last, a creative project which would not make any money. But like everything here, it would be good practice with more exposure.
When Pamela Anderson started out, there was no youtube and no online videos. If she was starting out today, I think she would jump at the chance to try everything presented here. What do you think?

This could help you get somewhere. Altogether you will get paid around $1000, depending on how much you do. From everything, you can make a great demo reel!

Here is a sample of one of the completed bikini movies. All the girls danced the way they wanted to. The videos were shot with my old camera. My new camera is much better... you will look great!

People will see you and you will get fans.
Here is a video with some excellent, serious acting. The movie is
about a young woman who was raped a few days prior, and how she deals with it. I expect this movie to win awards. It is something you can strive towards. Full information here.

Vancouver actors and filmmakers can join my facebook friends group here.
6 actresses for a Marilyn Monroe
project wanted. Look here.

It will be shot early in
the new year.

Right now, I am seeking
a "New Pamela" !
You don't have to be
blond!  Want to act?