Ending Terrorism
Against The West

This is a very ambitious project! It
involves making many videos, all
variations of the video below.

The video below is a concept
demo video, and a work in

It is the only plan that will
stop terrorism.

For this to work, at least 300
MILLION views will be needed. It
IS possible, especially with some
BIG NAME celebrities narrating.

9/11 was stage 1 terrorism. The
Boston Bombing was stage 2.
Vehicle and shooting attacks are
stage 3. We are about to move to
stages 4 and 5, which will have us
on our knees.

(Few people understand this plan.
The video is meant to, figuratively
speaking, hit the viewer on the
head with a 2 by 4. This is
necessary, explained at the
bottom of this page.)
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Please share this page and this video.
Thank you!
The next step in preventing terrorism involves improving this video, and having celebrities narrate.

It took me two weeks to make the first concept demo video. I spent another 110 hours since on research and small improvements, and trying
to get crowd funding.

I am living on my pension. I have almost no money.

I am burned out on this. I cannot do more. Because of childhood traumas, I find it very depressing working on this. I started over 3 years ago with zero support during this time.

I need someone to help finish it, and get many copies and versions out on the net. I have had zero donations.
To end terrorism we have to know what causes it. If we guess wrong at what we think are the reasons for terrorism, our attempts to prevent it will be completely wrong too. And destined to fail for sure. This is what is happening now. The real reasons for terrorism have nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

Western leaders now erroneously think terrorism is caused by radical Islamists who have misinterpreted the Koran. Terrorists are radical, but they are terrorists because they are desperate. The real reasons for terrorism are explained in the video. Please watch it.

Note about volunteers: I have posted on facebook, seeking child singers and speakers. This was on local filmmakers and actors groups, as well as peace groups, with total memberships of about 300,000. I got some interest but zero volunteers. I posted on craigslist too, and I tried indiegogo twice with no luck. I put in many many hours of effort on it. I have concluded this cannot be done without money.

About celebrities. I got the idea for this video about 5 or 6 years ago. I wrote Dr. David Suzuki and asked him if he would narrate. He wrote back and said he didn't want to do it.

I think he did not understand what I meant or what I wanted. Which wasn't his fault, because I don't think I explained it very well. Since then, my thinking has changed and the video I have now is much different than what I first envisioned.

Then I got the idea of using movie and recording celebrities. I am seeking some now, and it will be my last work on this.

Think about how many views the videos will get with Hollywood celebrities and rock stars and so on!! It is all possible.

Will celebrities join in? These celebrities have been protesting the oil pipline in North Dakota: Neil Young, Susan Sarandon, Ben Afflick, Leonardo Decaprio, Daryl Hannah, Shaileen Woodley, Mark Ruffalo and others. This end terrorism project is different, but I believe MANY celebrities will join in when they find out about it. Jane Fonda and other celebrities helped end the Vietnam war. It can work here too.

The transcript of the narration is below, as well as some new bits that can be added.

To end terrorism against us, we have to understand hatred levels.

In 1970 the hatred level was about here. Western people visiting some countries were spit upon and cursed.

By 2001 it was here. (Towers collapsing behind)

Now it is here. (Boston, nightclub, Paris)

To end terrorism against us we need to get the hatred level back down to here.

Hatred against the West started in 1901, when Britain made it's first oil deal with a brutal shah in Iran. The shah and the British got rich. The oil workers lived like this.

In 1916, Britain and France drew the map of the Middle East. The locals were not consulted. France "gave" part of Iraq to Britain in exchange for oil royalties.

In 1953,  the CIA set up a puppet Shah in Iran.

In 1956, Britain and France bombed Egypt to gain control of the Suez Canal.

1967 Isreal occupied the West Bank. They still occupy it. The West supports Isreal.

From 1982 to1988, the United States gave weapons to both Iraq and Iran to fight a war against each other.

In 2003, Britain and the US bombed and invaded Iraq with Shock and Awe. This raised the hatred level much higher.

Now there are drone strikes all over the Muslim world. This has increased the hatred level even higher.

To lower the hatred level so we are safe, we have to do 3 things:

1. Stop interfering in their lives.

2. Stop bombing them or stop supporting those who bomb them.

3. Send food and medical supplies.


This will make those who fund Jihadists have no reason to fund them anymore.

This will also end the reason for home grown terrorists.

Jihadists resort to terrorism because they don't have high technology. They are trying to level the playing field.

It is time for us to leave them alone. There will be suffering. But our meddling causes suffering.  It is not our job to tell them how to live.

Is this about "giving into terrorism?". No, it is about doing what is right.

Countries on jihadist hit lists.
Canada, Britain, France, USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Albania, Costa Rica, and others. Some have been lucky so far.

The countries that stop interfering will become safe.

Smaller countries can do it first.

More of this, gets more of this.

Jihadists exist BECAUSE of Western interference. (words on screen)

Do you like someone interfering in YOUR life? (words on screen)

When we leave them alone the home grown terrorists will stop.

Would you like to feel safer? (words on screen, peaceful crowd scene or nursery school scene)

If we mind our own business we will be safe.

I'm Steve Cosmic and I believe this is our best chance for peace. Please share this video. Thank you.

Kids voices...

"I dont' know how to share a video. Will you please do it for us kids? "

"And tell the government". "Yeah, tell the government"

The war mongers may have this video taken down. Please download it and then re-upload it to your own channel, and to facebook and other sites too.

This is a prototype of the planned video. Money is needed to hire actors and to pay for locations to shoot the two re-enactments and to pay for child actors.

Volunteers or paid narrators are wanted to be on screen like me. Help getting celebrities to do it is also wanted.
I want to make 200 to 300 versions of this video.

Templates will be made for download, so people can make videos with their own face and voice, and then upload them. The war mongers cannot stop us if there are hundreds of videos, with some by celebrities, getting millions and millions of views.

Please share this video and donate money to make the final versions of this video.

To help you can contact me here:   steve@stevecosmic.com

Thank you. Peace. Steve Cosmic

PS: If I die before this project is finished, it is important that someone else carry on. For this reason, it is vital that clones of this page be made and posted on other servers. Also, I ask that someone please pay godaddy for the hosting of this site, and for the domain registration, for 10 years or more. If you have a website now, you can clone this page and associated pages and add them to your website.

PPS: It is also vitally important that the current video, even though not finished, be downloaded and re-uploaded on different youtube channels and facebook and instagram and so on.  

PPPS: Terrorist attacks against The West will get much worse if this plan is not carried out asap. The seeming "defeat" of ISIS in Iraq and Syria will produce more homegrown terrorists. Withought this plan being implemented, terrorist attacks will come HERE in due course, and there will certainly be attacks at airports and bombings of planes that you or loved ones may use.

I am doing this for my son and grandchildren. Who will you do it for?

Celebrities can be contacted through an online service, which has the addresses of 59,000 celebrities. Their website is here. After paying a membership, you can search their database for celebrities who have supported peace in the past. We then do a mass emailing to these celebritis. I want someone to do this. It will take some money. I just spent $114 sending DVD's and info to a few. It is from my food money for the month.

This is not a wacko idea. This is a detailed, well thought out plan that can really work.

Despite my best efforts to explain everything here, I know that some people will not understand it. If you don't see how it can actually work, I ask that you please read everything here again, perhaps more slowly this time, and watch the video again. Thank you.

(Through the wonders of social media, this plan can work really fast, once it gets going.) Please help. I'm discouraged.

The video is disturbing. It is meant to be disturbing. There are hundreds of websites and facebook pages about peace. They talk peace, they preach peace, and they use logic and reason. And they don't work. They don't work because they don't engage emotions.

This video, and the many planned versions with different narrators, is designed to be emotional. It is ONLY when emotions are engaged that action is taken.

"But who wants to watch an emotional video? Your video doesn't have very many views."
That's true. But millions of people will watch the different versions of it when the narrators are famous celebrities.

Imagine it with narration by famous rock stars, sports heroes, Hollywood actors, and models. THEN it will be viewed by hundreds of millions. THEN large scale demonstrations will start happening. THEN world leaders will start to notice. THEN countries which are currently bombing and meddling in Islamic countries will stop. THEN TERRORISM WILL STOP.

It HAS to be disturbing to engage emotions.

(The current version is less engaging because it is an unfinished work without a celebrity as the narrator.)

Imagine how many views it will get with a celebrity in it? And then imagine how many views it will get with just 6 other big time celebrities? Then 20 celebrities? It will go viral, big time.

I am burned out on this and I cannot finish the video without help. I long to make some of my meaningful movies, including the two below.

Sam and Leah. It will give hope and inspiration to some
addicts, alcoholics and victims of sexual abuse. Info here.

A Wannabe Girl. It will give hope to some victims of rape.
Info here. 

I want to make some comedies too!

"People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do."  Author unknown.

"The greater an idea is, the more it is misunderstood."
This plan is ahead of it's time, and not understood by most people.

As terrorism gets worse, more people
will understand it.

Trump is increasing the hatred level. See video for explanation.

This will become a 5
minute documentary
that will change the