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The footage is the property of the producer of the movie, Goldie Smitlener, not the actors. Her actors signed away their rights to the footage, and how it can be used. I emailed her, and got the reply "OF COURSE". Short, but it clearly indicates she gave me permission.
This screen shot below of an invoice emailed to her clearly indicates that I did not work on it just for an hour or so. The full amount was $6160.00 as indicated in my notes. She sat beside me for about 1/4 or 1/3 of the time and we worked together. She originally hoped she could fix her movie for $2000. But shortly after we started on it she could see it would cost more and she decided to keep going.

So Delia got it wrong when she posted to thousands of people. It is now being repeated as "fact" on the internet.

Also, note the "OF COURSE" reply. There is nothing to indicate Goldie Smitlener did not like me or was not happy with my work. She in fact said several times that "I had saved her" and words like that. She said after my work, "At last I have something that I am not embarassed to show" It was still not TV quality but it was greatly improved. The problem was the footage, not my editing. She is re-shooting parts of it now. Delia Tatiana is in the movie.
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$4160 plus $3300 equals $7460. In March of 2014 she asked me for a receipt for $3300. I sent it to her without checking my notes, trusting that she knew the correct amount paid up to that time. It seems she made a mistake. The actual total amount paid was $6160. I gave her about 2 or 3 hundred dollars worth of extra free time. It is obvious I did not get fired after an hour!
Delia Tatiana was wrong, saying I used some video footage without permission.  Evidence proving what she said is false is below. I don't know for sure, but I think she did it because she does not like my bikini movies. Because of her people think I "stole footage" and that I got fired from an editing job because of poor work. And people think I preyed on young actresses and watched them change too!

Delia was not in the 15 second video clip btw. Then why did she do it? I think she wanted to hurt me. None of this would have happened if it were not for her.

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