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photo of female model
photo of female
Great head shots can help you get more calls, auditions and gigs.

I can get you some friendly, natural looking head shots in 35 seconds. Let me explain....

I use an ultra high def (UHD-4K) video camera. It takes 30 pictures per second! This means, in 35 seconds it takes 1050 pictures! The head shots for the actress in the orange dress were achieved in a 35 second shoot!

We sat together and watched the 35 second clip and paused it on perfect looks, and perfect smiles. The result is the photos you see here. They have not been retouched in photoshop.

We shot on green screen, and the background was put in later. You can choose from many backgrounds, or supply your own background photo.

If you have been using an old photo you may have been losing out. A good head shot is an effective way for you to get more calls and auditions and gigs.

I am friendly and fun, and fast as you will see. Your photos will be emailed to you, and they can be easily re-sized for your needs. The cost for this is only $59.00. Why wait? You can out do your competition in only 35 seconds. Well, your visit here can be as quick as 15 minutes if you let me select the pics for you, or about an hour if we select them together. I can crop them and re-size them after you leave, and email them to you right away.

Of course we can take more than 35 seconds for your shoot! We will take as long as needed. You will get some happy pictures for sure.

photo of female

Or email me here.
My home studio:

1898 Balsam Street, Apartment 4. Vancouver.

Near Safeway on 4th Avenue.

picture of female standing
All of the photos here were taken in my home studio.
This is Ebony. These photos were taken at an audition. She got the role and will be in the movie! Her photos here, except the head shots, were given a distinctive cinema look, as the movie will be partly about the 1950's.
(I have shot other males too but they didn't give permission to post their photos here)
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