A female project partner is wanted. This person will be multi tasking, and will get credits as producer, AD, casting director, script supervisor, production manager and more. Beginner welcome. 

The reason I want a female is simple, and logical. Some of my upcoming projects deal with rape. The actresses will be portraying very personal, emotional roles, and for their comfort, and best acting performances, it is best to have a female for the above job, rather than a male.

It is just the way it is. Think about this.... if a man sees a help wanted sign in the window of a ladies dress shop, and goes in and fills out an application, what will they probably do with it? So if you are a man reading this, think about this sensibly. Performance is very important for the success of a low budget movie.

I want someone open minded. My projects are disruptive and outside the box. I am misunderstood a lot. This is not suitable for someone who is "average minded."

Some say I am exploitive. I have studied low budget movie marketing extensively, and done many marketing experiments myself.

Only 1 out of 4 Hollywood movies make money. For indy films,
1 in 50 make money. Hollywood discovered that bikinis increase the odds of a movie being a success. All 26 James Bond movies have bikini scenes. Many other big movies do too. And many have underwear scenes and nude scenes. They do it to increase their chances
of success.

If Hollywood employs bikini scenes to help make a movie successful,
it makes sense for indies to do it too. I am doing this in some of my
movies. I have been highly criticized for it. Criticized by people who
have never made any money with movies, and who have never won
any awards. I have won 8 awards so far and I expect to win more.

I have made some movies which have bikinis as the main theme, and
some of them have made good money.

I am not making my movies as a hobby. I want them to get seen, a lot.
Some of my movies will save lives. Yes. Really. Look here. The person
I want to work with will understand this completely.

I have been called a creative genius. And some people say I'm nuts. I
know I am misunderstood a lot. I get tired of trying to explain what
I do.

I'm disruptive. I think and work differently than most people. I know
a lot. I have lots to share and teach to the right person.

If this interests you, please have a good long look all around my site,
starting here. Then let me know what you think, and tell me about
yourself. We can meet for a coffee interview.

At your coffee interview you will learn how to save thousands of dollars on any movie, and how to make them better, and faster too.

If you work with me, you will learn my ten thousand dollar acting trick, which takes only a few minutes to learn, and gets better
performances from any actor. You can teach it to your actors on
your own projects.

We can be project partners, working on just one project, or maybe lots of them. The most likely next project is here.

The pay can be discussed. It might be per project, or it might be per

Here is an article and an interview about a female director from the
70's who made exploitation movies. In some of her movies she
worked meaningful themes into some of the scenes. Some of
her movies were exploitive AND meaningful. She was in her
20's at the time. See her pic and read about her here.
She has a cult following and some of them are being re-released

Everyone who works with me is treated with dignity and

There are about 40 pages to this website. Many of the links are
found on other pages. The most important links are here.

My homepage is here.

My email is here. No calls please.