Steve Cosmic, public speaker. My biography is here too.

I do public speaking, and I teach public speaking. Here are some of my speeches. Before a speech I was introduced as "The World's Most Interesting Man." You can read my bio below and decide for yourself.

Besides the topics you see below, I can also speak on the future. I am a futurist and intuit, and I can speak on my predictions for future news, world affairs, social conditions and stock markets.

You can hire me to speak to your group.

I can teach you to speak in public too. I have done about 40 speeches and 130 stage appearances, including standup comedy. I can teach you my secret to being fearless when you speak in public!

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Dynamite and Last Minute Phone Calls

How to be Happy. 3 Must Do's For a Happy Life."

About 8 minutes long.
"Once Upon Two Times. A Flying Story. A Life Story"

To be happy we have to forgive those who hurt us, and not live in the past.

About 7 minutes long.
"Fun with Kids. Lessons From Kids"

Lessons from kids which pertain to happiness.

About 8 minutes long.
"Doing What Your Soul Really Wants"
       (The main key to being happy.)

A quote from this speech..... "Your soul does not give a rat's ass about being politically correct. Like wild flowers blooming in a war zone, your soul wants you to bloom too, no matter what is happening around you."

About 6 minutes long.
How to Have a Good Relationship

You have to know the differences between men and women, and be aware of the differences when you communicate.

The Differences

Women like sharing feelings and communicating and cuddling, and men like tits.

Men like watching sports on TV and talking about cars, and women seem to like crying.

Men can't see any sense in moving furniture while vacuuming, and women care about how their hair looks.

Women save letters and men save old baseball caps.

Men are good at barbecuing, and women usually don't smell too bad.

Women can open doors with a glance, and men can open jars. Some women can open jars but pretend they can't. Some men can't open jars but pretend they can. This is confusing to children.

And of course there's the toilet seat up and down thing.

How to Apply This Knowledge

A woman should never ask a man to vacuum when the game is starting in a few minutes. A man should never write anything in a letter that might be brought up at a later date. A man should occasionally let the woman put barbecue sauce on the meat, but he should never show her how to light the barbecue. If a woman is crying, it is especially important to put the toilet seat down. A woman should not ask a man to open a jar till there is a commercial on. If a man opens a jar he doesn't have to do anything else for the rest of the day. It is usually best not to try to feel a woman's tits when she is crying.

That's how you have a good relationship.

How to Remove Duct Tape From a Cat

About 7 minutes long.

Movie Violence Affects Everyone, Including You

About 8 minutes long.
I can do a talk about relationships if you like!

Upcoming projects

Sam and Leah, my dream project,
long synopsis.

A Wannabe Girl Story

Computer Geek Comedy


Actors, models

Crew, PARTNER wanted

My best award winning film


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About me. Where I came from. Who I am.

Who I am is in everything that I do. It's in my speeches, and it's in my writing, and in how I direct movies and work with people. If you hire me to do a speech, you will be getting a real speech.

I have not attempted to be literary, and most of the sentences will start with "I"!

I was raised in a dysfunctional family in a rural setting on a small farm. My mother wanted an abortion, but here I am. I was emotionally, physically and sexually abused. Some of the abuse included being terrorized with a knife, being held with my face in a fire, and being held upside down by my ankles over the railing of a suspension bridge. I was held underwater and I thought I would drown, and another time thrown into a pool when I could not swim, and almost drowned.  I was constantly told I would be sold. I was afraid of both of my parents.

When I was 11 I lost half of a finger in a lawnmower accident. My siblings laughed about it. When I was 16 I was making wine and selling it to classmates. I got high marks from grades 7 to 9, and then barely made it through high school because of drugs and alcohol.

I got my private pilot's license when I was 18. I soloed an airplane after 7.2 hours of instruction. The average is about 15 hours. At 19 I rode a 10 speed bike from Vancouver to Halifax, over 4000 miles. I was in many newspapers and on national TV. I met my first real girlfriend, and she broke my heart.

At 20 I got my commercial pilot's license and let the same girl break my heart, again. I bought a 1946 Aeronca Chief airplane. It has 65 horsepower, and no electrical system. To start it, you had to flip the propeller by hand. It had no radio, and no navigation equipment except a compass. I flew it from Vancouver to Acapulco and back. I could not get a job flying, and worked in Labrador on a survey crew, which included working underground.

I accidentally did some acid and had a bad trip. About 6 weeks later I had an acid flashback while flying my tiny plane with a female passenger. We were flying in the mountains and yes it was terrifying.

To get more experience flying, and for adventure, I flew my little plane to Mexico again, and later to The Bahamas. I flew it to the Yukon, and got a job there as an aerial photographer, and we flew all over the Yukon and also northern Alaska. The next year I got my first flying job, flying in the bush in Ontario.

I later flew out of various communities on the coast of British Columbia, flying float planes into remote communities. This is one of the hardest places to fly in the world. I flew for 20 years, and yes, I had close calls. Altogether, counting stupid incidents with drugs and alcohol, I have almost died 15 times. I believe I was kept alive to do the work I am doing now, with this website, and with my filmmaking. I ended my flying career with 15,500 flying hours, having done 48,000 take offs and landings. I know 8 pilots who crashed and were killed. I was an exceptional pilot.

I bought a more modern plane and flew it to Mexico a couple of times. I had an engine failure in Mexico. I also met a tourist woman there who I would later live with and marry. We had a son and later got married.

I bought 23.4 acres of land on an island, and I lived in a shack with no power or running water. I saw almost no TV for 10 or more years. I bought an old bulldozer, and taught myself how to operate it. I also taught myself to operate a chainsaw, and built an airstrip on my land.

I invented a high efficiency wood heater, and a chainsaw mill attachment and manufactured them both. I invented other tools and an automatic chimney fire extinguisher. I have 6 patents and could have numerous more for other inventions as well.

I made really good money during certain years of flying, and while manufacturing some of my inventions.

My best friend died in an alcohol related accident. My wife left with our young son. I stopped using drugs and alcohol. After about 5 years of being clean and sober I trained to be a hypnotherapist. I got the highest mark in my class, and I advanced to the level where I could teach others to be hypnotherapists. I practiced hypnotherapy and produced a series of self hypnosis/meditation tapes and sold thousands of them. I have written two books and numerous short and long screenplays. 7 of my short films have been broadcast on TV. I have won some awards for my filmmaking.

I had sexual abuse and other traumatic memories surface in 2005, about 2008 and 2009, and I have experienced depression because of them. I am feeling much better now.

I have lived in poverty, and I have been close to being on the street.

I am working on a movie which will inspire some alcoholics, addicts, battered women and those who were sexually abused. I have two grandchildren and I am a good grandfather.

I am the most creative person I know.

I have been misundestood a lot, all of my life, and I am still learning to accept that. I have a good heart, and I care about people. Being gifted is a blessing, and a curse too. Some people think I am weird, and I have a sister who says I am mentally ill, which hurts.

It is not easy being me.
picture of steve cosmic in 1976
picture of steve cosmic on iceberg
picture of steve cosmic on bulldozer
picture of steve cosmic and airplane
picture of steve cosmic's airstrip quadra island
picture of steve cosmic girl friend vargas island beach
picture of steve cosmic invention beam machine
picture of steve cosmic invention
picture of alaska glacier by steve cosmic
My second plane, a 1966 Cessna 172, on Vargas Island BC, with Martha, a girlfriend at the time. She later broke my heart. I was about 23.
A view on one of my trips. This was Alaska. I had been clean and sober
about 2 months when I took this photo.
My airstrip. It was visible from space, and could be seen on a satellite photo
which was for sale at that time. It is all
overgrown now.
Me standing on a small iceberg, Alaska.
My most famous speech

"A Cup of Love. The Power of Kindness"

Powerful and inspiring. This speech has changed lives.

About 7 minutes long.
"About Five Songs"

Why I wrote some songs. A song with one word, a song with one line. The one line
song helps me heal. A song you may know
may make your life better, after you understand how it can. Who to ask when you need help.

About 10 minutes long.
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My former name was Steve Aderneck, and I went to Richmond High School, if you are looking for me by that name. You
can contact me here.
A funny speech about flying.

"Fasten Your Seat Belts and No Puking"

I didn't like it when my passengers got sick. But sometimes it was funny.

About 9 minutes long.
Investors wanted. Low budget and micro budget movies. Movies that will inspire. About rape, sexual abuse, addictions, battered women.  Click here.