Rent a camera dolly in Vancouver

Maybe the world's most
amazing camera dolly

Works on rough pavement, loose gravel,
lawns, playing fields, sidewalks, roads,
carpet, tile floors and concrete.

Easily fits through doorways

Quiet enough to record conversation

Watch the demo, it's amazing!

Email me here

My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4

I can provide more if needed. I have all the gear  to make a movie, including camera, super tripod, lights, audio, dolly, steady cam, teleprompter and a green screen studio.

Editing page with samples

Low cost movie packages


Visualize it being used in your movie

Visualize moving from pavement directly onto a lawn or playing field

Visualize it circling around your talent

Visualize your talent walking or running on
a street, sidwalk, field or gravel path

Visualize it in side shots too.


$70 per hour, minimum 4 hours

This includes the perfect tripod for it, shown in the video. Or you can use your own tripod

For my Sony AX 100 and two lav mikes, add $25 per hour

All rates include me as operator or supervisor, so you get perfect results

For cameras up to about 8 -10 pounds

Please note I do not work on violent movies