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I make videos to help sell your product or service. You get more than a high quality product done on time for a good price. You also get my 35 years of marketing experience, and my youtube expertise. Your web video marketing campaign can start with just one video. But I suggest a campaign, with 4 to 10 videos for best results. Making multi videos all at the same time brings down the cost of each video. Watch some samples!

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Eric Nyval in his own video shot on green screen, background added later
I wrote the script to video on the left. As you listen to it, notice that it is captivating, and that it builds
excitement as it moves along.

Your video starts with your script and it is very important. Even the best performance by your spokesmodel, along with excellent picture quality,
cannot make up for a poor script.

I can write your script for you, or polish your rough draft to make it work.

I will give you a free consultation on the phone, to help make your production cheaper, faster, and better. There is no obligation.
"I worked with Steve to get 3 videos prepared. His price was dramatically lower than the other bids I solicited and I was quite happy with the product. His  years of experience served me well because I was nervous in front of the camera and he was able to work with me to get an effective product produced."

Eric Nyvall, CA
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I can find you any kind of spokesmodel, or any kind of actor and any ethnicity. You do not have to be in Vancouver to take advantage of my excellent service for web videos and web commercials.
picture of movie director
NOTE: The above videos were made about 7 years ago with my old computer and old camera.  I have learned a lot since then. If you hire me now, your work will be perfect, no worry.