Starring Jade North, Claudia Luna, and Sarah Novicki, with a
song by Ingrid Carranza. Funny! Educational! Historical! About
fashion and pointy boobs.

If you are interested in sweater girl history, you can look here: Facebook Sweater Girls History Page.

My full credentials and lots of video samples, here.

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There is no nudity in this movie.

Some background, like why did I make this movie? That's a good question. I wanted a movie I could make quick, for low cost. And the idea just popped into my head. (Which is where all of my ideas come from..... I never try to copy anyone.) I knew there were old fashioned pointy bras, but prior to starting on this movie, I did not know they were called bullet bras. And I had absolutely no idea there was so much interest in sweater girls until I did some online research. I don't have a real interest in sweater girls or bullet bras, other than this movie. I want to move on as quickly as possible and make my meaningful movies, which you can find elswhere on my site.

I want to do something fairly soon that involves "real acting". I have some ideas for several solo sweater girl movies that involve real acting. Paid gigs. Actresses 19 - 29 can apply here.

I am also looking for an ambitious model/actress. Would you like to be like Pamela Anderson? If so look here. A combo NewPamela/sweater girl would be ideal.
  "Sweater Girls, Then and Now." Finished!  Please share!

  2 actresses wanted, see below.

The LONG trailer is here.

See the whole movie for 49 cents!
For a limited time,

This documentary movie was meant to be an "entertaining documentary" and I think we achieved that! Thanks to Sarah, Jade, and Claudia! NOTE: On Vimeo, click on the gear symbol, and be sure to click 1080 HD for best picture quality! But.... it might play smoother at the 720 setting.

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Lies about me

About 2.5 years ago someone posted some lies about me on a filmmakers/actors group on facebook.

It was up for a week before I was told about it. I was not active on facebook at the time.

Someone said I was trying to have sex with young actresses. It was completely untrue. Under the comment there were "likes" and other comments suggesting I placed audition postings so I could "get them naked" and other comments.

It was very hurtful. I tried to defend myself and the comments got even worse. I didn't know that I could have had all of the postings removed.

The problem is some people believed them. Now, years later there are still some people who believe them.

Reality is I have always treated any actresses or models with respect. I have never tried to have sex with anyone, or to touch anyone or anything like that.  I have been a respectful gentleman.

After all this time not even one person has come forward to say I did anything improper.

If you have heard something negative about my behavior with actors, try to find some verification. There is none.

I am sincere and kind. People who have worked with me know this.

I think outside the box. This means I am misunderstood a lot. Lots of people criticize what they don't understand. They find fault because they are insecure about their own talents or abilities.

I made a long page trying to explain why this might have happened. I realize now the page is too long for most people to read. But if you want to look, you can look here.

On that page you will find other links to actors and models pages with testimonials from people who have worked with me. The testimonials are all true, and they can be verified if you want to investigate.

It hurt me a LOT. People who have worked with me know the truth.

Vancouver actors and filmmakers can join my facebook friends group here.