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Upcoming projects

Sam and Leah, my dream project,
long synopsis.



My best award winning film


A Wannabe Girl Story (Working title)

A woman, 20's has been raped a few days prior. The man, about her age, was known to her. She is in shock for a few days, unable to function properly, neglecting her well being, including eating, hygiene, grooming and housekeeping. She stumbles upon an opportunity to escape her feelings, which also helps her block the memory. The escape plan is bizarre, but she embraces it to help herself survive. This story is about a few of the strangest days of her life.

Budget 29K. Distributution is guaranteed.

It is next, after a few more bikini videos.
A computer geek comedy, title confidential at this time.

Bigger budget, about 7 females, and 5 males needed.

Pay $200 to $1500 per role, plus deferral.

Budget $25,000. Shot mostly in one location, in 6 days.

Distribution is guaranteed.

(The title is outrageous and it is part of the reason this movie will be a big success.)

A comedy about bowling.

About 15 actors.

Pay $2000 to $3000 per role.

Budget $60,000.

Shot mostly in one location, in 8 days.

Distribution is guaranteed.

For ALL of these projects, distribution is getting easier and easier. I spent 5 years becoming an expert at online distribution. I'm a disruptive filmmaker, and I make movies and get them finished and up for sale fast!

Bikini videos, dancing and modelling. Classy, creative, respectable.

I am wrapping up this series for a while.

I need just a few more bikini dancers, and then I'll be giving top priority to  Wannabe Girl.

These bikini videos provide some money which helps me produce more meaningful movies, such as Wannabe Girl, and Sam and Leah.
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