From actresses who have worked with me 
I want to thank you for inviting me to be part of the Wannabe Girl movie experience. I enjoyed working with you, and as an actress, appreciated your patience, open mind and drive during our time filming. It made working with you comfortable. I also appreciated how efficiently you worked to get the short film cut, edited and loaded for view! It was great to see our work so quickly after shooting and I was happy with how well it was done. As an artist, I think it is inspiring to see other artists, such as yourself, write, direct and edit their work, as well as provide their own original music. This is so rare in our day and age and for that I thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future and I wish you all of the best.
Natascha Schulmeister
Thank you, Steve, for the opportunity to work on this film project. You earned my trust and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. You were very good at pushing me to do my best work without making it look like I was trying too hard.
Your acting technique was really valuable.
I'm so pleased with the final cut :). You work fast and made me feel really appreciated as a key part of the project. Working with you is a great way to learn how to be passionate, creative, persistent, and motivated as an artist. The story is bold and pushes the audience enough out of their comfort zone to really reflect. I hope to keep learning and growing beyond my comfort zone as well. Thank you for all your hard work and putting this project together.
Marcela Caceres
Hi Steve,
I just saw the short and I absolutely love it!! I love the angles/cinematography, fade ins and outs. I absolutely love it!!
I want to thank you again !!! You were very professional, honest and amazing to work with! You are so creative and have unique ways of filming scenes:) All in all you are an amazing storyteller, director, writer, cinematographer and person as well! I had so much fun shooting with you. What I learned on set was valuable!! Your acting technique is amazing !
I really want to work with you again! Please keep me posted on any upcoming projects you are doing. Also let me know about when you will be filming Wannabe Girl. I want to audition for the part! The story has so much meaning and depth. I absolutely am in love with the storyline of it.
Hope you are having a great day!!!
Terri Sidhu
Here are 3 more older testimonials from actresses who worked with me.
"Steve Cosmic gave me my third role in film in 2000, and again I was pleased to be offered a lead role of one of his films in 2002. The latter was fortunate enough to be picked up not only for festivals, but also on television. All of the times that I have worked with Steve, I have found him to treat his cast and crew with respect, craft services, pay, plenty of encouragement, and many opportunities for networking. This is more of a rarity than it should be in the low budget indie film world. Steve is constantly learning and sharpening his skills in all of the roles that he takes up. If there is one thing that Steve is best at, then I would have to say it would be with marketing his films, and getting them out there for all to see."
Gabriella Kriss
Actress/Circus Performer & Coach/Model/Published Author
"Extremely innovative and persistent, with a wacky and often bizarre sense of humour, is how I'd describe Steve Cosmic. As an actreess, I've had the pleasure of working with Steve in a couple of his indie films, and I can attest to his loyalty to those who support his projects and to his ambitious marketing and networking talents. He's someone who definitely gives it his all and he doesn't let life's obstacles stop him from pursuing his goals."
Patricia McAdam, Actress
"Steve is a creative, focused, and driven individual who is a pleasure to work with. He is passionate about the art of filmmaking and it is evident in whatever project he delivers."
Sarah Sands, Actress. (Her award winning performance can be seen here.)
Are you a shapely actress? If so, that is a gift. Not using all of your gifts to get ahead is foolish. Pamela Anderson and Scarlett Johansson used their looks to get ahead. You can find out more about them, and something you may want to try, here.
I hope you have found these resources for actors in Vancouver helpful.
You can check out the rest of my website for casting calls in Vancouver and acting gigs. If you are a new actor, and have quetions, feel free to send me an email. I am friendly and I like helping people. My email is here.
A scene from Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. Nominated for 4 Best Acting Oscars. A must study movie for actors who want to excel.
Watching the full movie carefully can be better than an acting class. Or a bunch of classes. And it's free. I have watched it numerous times.
To watch the samples bigger, click "Watch on youtube."
picture of actress
Vancouver Actor's Resources
- encouragement
- the truth about acting classes
- award winning acting to study
- helpful links
- read the whole page, for Best Actor Award opportunity.
How to volunteer wisely and not waste your time
When to stop taking acting classes and workshops
Why tattoos can hinder your acting career
How to get more auditions and background work
Award winning acting by Jack Nicholson. From As Good as it Gets.
A quote by him..."Let the wardrobe do the acting and just play yourself."
You can copy any of the actors here when you are starting out. It is impossible to perfectly copy an acting style, so even when you copy, there will still be some of you in it. After a while, it will be all you. A good way to start.
Award winning acting.
Some nudity.
The actresse's first film. All acting, including what looks like improv. (That's how good she is.) Click
"Watch on youtube."
For more on this movie, click here. 
More award winning acting. The actresse's first film.
A brief bikini scene. When I advertised saying there was a bikini scene,  I got ridiculed, scorned and insulted.
She was thrilled to win her award. To get ahead, keep an open mind.
Some great comedy acting!  The actresse's first film.
Comedy acting is hard to do! Study her pacing, delivery and tone of voice. You can learn a lot from her. I still have the fake boobs and sweaters and wig if you want to try something like this!
When volunteering, avoid what I call "techno geeks."
To them, acting is not that important. They are preoccupied with fancy shots and other tech stuff. Most of them do not know what good acting is. Seek out projects that have meaning, which will show off your acting. Remember, you're working for free. You can be selective.
A dramatic monologue. Mona was raped a year prior. She talks about what happened and how she learned to be happy again. A happy ending. Inspiring and life saving.
Many tips and helpful links below. A chance to learn my "$10,000 acting trick". Some of what you will learn here can change your life.
It would be great to win an Oscar. But a smaller award can help an actor too.
To win an award at a festival, first the movie has to be accepted at the festival. Being an official selection at a festival means that people who have seen hundreds of films, saw something special in the film.
Then, jurors who are qualified to judge acting, also recognized something which was exceptional or outstanding. It means they liked your acting the best, out of all the others.
So if you win a Best Actor Award, or a Best Actress Award it means something. It means you worked harder, and you have more talent than your peers. It is a feather in your cap, and it is something you can display with pride, and put on your resume. Your award will give you more confidence, and help you get more roles.
I currently have two opportunities on my site for possible awards.
HOW I DO AUDITIONS. I'm not big time so I can't afford to rent an audition studio and pay assistants. Here's what I do. It works for me, and actors like it too.
I schedule an hour or even longer, for a group of applicants. This can be from 2 to about 8 applicants. One time I had 18! (but I recommend 3 to 6) They are all sent lines to memorize in advance. They may also get a scene outline for two characters, for improv.
Then we have what is kind of like a small acting class. The actors perform in front of the group and then sit down. Then others have a turn. After everyone has had a turn, I match two of them together and they perform again. I will do several matches again. I give direction of course, but I am also an acting coach, and I usually teach my special acting trick, and then they perform some more.
I will usually film the last performances. I have had actors profusely thank me for the best audition session they have ever had. If you are an actor who has left an audition thinking "I wish I had a chance to do it again" you will see how this method might be just what you need. It suits newer actors. (The time I had 18, 2 left after a few minutes, presumably because "this is not how you are supposed to do auditions".)
For me, it means I can do auditions in my home at no cost. And it can mean finding the right actors without call backs.
My basic philosophy for micro budget film making is to not try to copy big time productions.
Oh, another thing I do when I email sides and scene outlines, is I ask for one volunteer actor to come 10 minutes early, and we talk for a bit. This actor greets the others at the door, and seats them, and hands them a clipboard where actors write down their name, phone and email. This gives me a hard copy which eliminates searching through a ton of messages in my computer later.
This might help any filmmakers who read this.
I have come to the conclusion that most people do not have a passion in life. Many people have hobbies which they like, but it's not the same. I am basing this on observations of people I have known in the past and the present, including my siblings.
Hobbies and passions involve money.
Hobbies can fill leisure time, or at worst, just kill time. If a person with a hobby suddenly needs the money for something else, they can quit the hobby. But a person with a passion will make big sacrifices to carry on with their passion. This can include living on cheap food, deferring buying clothes or even deferring dental work. The person with the passion doesn't actually mind the sacrifices. Sure they would like better food, and some new clothes, and not getting tooth aches. But their passion is more important.
People with passion feel they were born to do something, or meant to do something. They can't stop, like a person can stop a hobby.
Some basic truths:
1. You can't find passion using your head, because passion lives in your heart.
2. People who don't have a passion, cannot understand those who do.
3. Trying to explain your passion to someone who doesn't have a passion is a waste of time.
4. A passion usually involves a talent or special ability, but not always.
5. A person without talent or special ability can be passionate by assisting or supporting someone with talent or special ability, if they  believe in the same cause. Or they can work very hard for a cause.
6. Following your passion can be lonely. Many people will not understand why you do what you do. Some will be critical and even cruel.
7. If you give up on your passion, you will die inside.
ABOUT ACTING TEACHERS. There is an expression which pertains to people who teach the arts. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." 
You may be impressed because your teacher has had some small roles in some big movies, or maybe regular roles in a TV series or something like that. That's all fine and good. They have a certain amount of talent, but not big talent. If they had big talent, they would not be teaching. This means there is a limit to how much they can teach you. They can't teach you what they don't have themselves. But they can teach you a lot, so be grateful for them. Some are exceptional teachers.
If you feel you have big talent inside yourself, there comes a time when it is time to stop taking acting classes.
It is time to get out there and start acting. Lots. As much as you can. Volunteer like crazy. (But only on worthwhile projects that will benefit you.) Be on camera as much as you can. That is where you will learn the most. I want actors who know deep inside, that they have big talent.
Some quotes by me:
"The more politically correct you are, the less creative you will be."
"The more politically correct you are, the less happy you will be."
"If someone has tech skills or experience, it does not mean they are creative." 
(For actors, this means don't volunteer on a project just because the filmmaker was camera assistant on Spider Man, or something like that.)
Why have I mostly worked with young women? That's a good question. From 2000 till about 2004 I worked equally with men and women. In 2004 I made the dramatic monologue Cam Girl, which won a Best Actress Award, and the film won a Platinum Award. While auditioning many actresses for the very challenging role, I found that young women were comfortable with me, and they confided in me. This made for excellent rapport, which showed in their performances. Since then God has moved me to write some powerful scripts which feature brave female leads. (This was due to some traumatic memories regarding my childhood which surfaced, which could not be ignored, and I had to write about them.) And because I was good at working with young women, I wrote some comedy scripts which feature female leads as well. Next I am making a 24 minute drama equally starring a male and a female, with a minor male role as well. It is powerful and inspiring, and I feel it will win awards for sure.
I had a guy tell me I was arrogant for saying I knew one of my films would win an award before I made it. Well, if you don't believe you will win an award, you won't! Does a runner training for the Olympics get up before dawn and run 20 kilometers in the rain, while visualizing losing?
While shooting my award winning music video, half way through the shoot I told the actress I felt it would win an award. It won a Silver Award at a large festival, and an Honorable Mention at another.
About my acting trick. I used to be a hypnotherapist and I have hypnotized hundreds of people, and taught self hypnosis. One time when I was directing, I thought about using self hypnosis to help an actor perform better. Here's an experiment I tried one time.... I had a guy about 26, and two women around 23 or 24.
They took turns performing a short dramatic scene, which I filmed. Then I taught them all my acting trick, and they performed again. We then watched the before and after versions of their acting. The women were impressed, but the guy was not. He said what I was teaching was something he already knew. He said he went to New York and learned it there. (At a cost of $10,000 he said.) Both women felt his acting was better after I taught him my acting trick, but he did not want to admit it was better.
Which brings up a point. People who have spent a lot of time and money on something, don't want to admit they wasted time and money. This applies to filmmakers too, who say they don't like my quick shooting methods. They don't want to admit they wasted time and money at film school. Acting and film schools want you to spend as much as possible.
I am offering free acting classes, with actors who want to hone their craft and improve their acting. Preferably with actors who fit some of the roles I have for upcoming projects, and who like my approach to filmmaking. Yes, you'll learn my "$10,000 acting trick" if you are in the group! (By doing this, I might find some actors for some of my roles, and then I won't have to do auditions.) I am thinking of 4 or 5 actors, male and female.
This is for comedy, and if there is interest, for a serious drama too. This is a way to keep from getting rusty, and to learn more and network. After we have polished a few scenes, you will probably get a free demo reel. If interested you can email me here.
About tattoos and getting gigs. Tattoos can handicap you, and here's why. Big productions worry about copyright. A movie can get finished, with distribution started, and someone can claim that a tattoo you have is a copy of their design, and file suit against the producers. Most worrison to the producers is that while legal proceedings are going on, they have to stop distribution.
You might say well it was my design. I gave a sketch to the tattoo artist and they used my design on my tattoo. That doesn't matter. The design might still be similar to what someone else has made, and perhaps posted online. If you ask the tattoo artist to make you a design, the same thing might happen. The critical point to remember is that someone may say you copied them. Maybe if it went to court, you might win.
But the producers don't want to go to court. It can hold up distribution for a year, costing them a lot of money.
Yes, tattoos can be covered. But it takes a lot of time, using expensive special makeup. Why should they bother with this when they can get someone with no tattoos, or only small tattoos? The easiest thing for them to do is to pass on you. (If they want someone with tattoos, they will put some fake tats on them.)
Filmmakers making small time movies or shorts probably won't care. But big production companies care, a lot. If you have some small tats, it might be a good idea to cover them for auditions. And don't get more if you want to go big time.
About getting more auditions and background work. I was going to write about this here, but I have decided to instead only share this in person. If we meet, you can ask me and I will share the vital tips.
About headshots. Here's an article which suggests you should have 7 different look headshots. The article names the 7 different looks, here.
I can do headshots faster, better and cheaper than most photographers.
My photo service page is here. 
Some helpful links:
The Vancouver Actor's Guide, here.
My facebook page, which has first news on what I am currently doing and thinking. I take down postings after a short while. Go here.
On my homepage, there are links to numerous projects, including the 24 minute drama which I feel will win awards. And comedies too. Go here.  
I am starting a facebook group for ambitious actors and filmmakers. Link here soon. Get a great headshot, here. 
My page for head shots, demo reels and self tapes, here. 
I am looking for an actress ideally in the Kitsilano area, who is open to trying various photo and video tests and experiments. Volunteer, ongoing. Get on camera experience and some photos. Be bold. Be daring. Be willing to stretch and grow. Learn lots and have laughs too.
My email is here. 
Good luck and best wishes to everyone.
PS: Change is scary. No doubt about it. But it won't kill you. Being brave is not about being fearless. Being brave is about being afraid, but doing it anyway. Is it time for you to change your thinking? It won't kill you. I am changing all the time.
I have an award winning opportunity here. You can jump at the chance, or let the opportunity slip away.
"If you do what everyone else does, you'll end up quitting." 
Here's a new approach to success.
My awards so far. Actually, I recently won a Best Editor Award, and Mona's Me Too Story won a Most Inspirational Film Award.
News. Mona's Me Too Story just won two more awards. For Most Inspiring Short Film, and also for Best Editing. The actress won a Best Actress Award about a year ago. You can see the awards on the Mona page.