google4e96873b121bea86.html Post production, movie editing in Vancouver.$50 per hour. Award winner.
Steve Cosmic
Editing, $50 per hour
Sound editing
Film colorist
Below are 5 samples of my work. They range in quality, from high end for TV broadcast, to lower end for the net. I can edit your home movies, or your feature film. On time, at a good price.
I am good at doing colour corrections. Fast too. I do all kinds of colour and picture enhancements, and I can make footage shot on a lower end camera, look like it was shot on a higher end camera!
I can also fix audio, cleaning up background noise, and removing echo.
I can often fix "unfixable" shooting errors, and fix actor's mistakes.
Email me here
Email me here 
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A 22 minute documentary on panhandlers. I edited it with my old editing system in 2010. I can do better now, with lots more experience and my new, very fast editing system. I still think I did a good job, as I was handed a huge mess of footage.
Two practice scenes from a feature film. 11 minutes long, this short was sold for TV broadcast. (Shot with my old camera)
The above scene was shot and edited very quickly. It is good enough for
a made for TV movie. (Keep in mind that all of the videos here do not look their best, as they are hosted on youtube.)
My award winning music video. There are lots of editing tricks in this video. I can do some editing like this for you.
All post production work, $50 per hour. Satisfaction guaranteed.
I have a very fast new computer and I use Adobe Premiere. 
Here's my "nothing to lose" offer. I'll edit your short project, or part of your big project, and show it to you. If you are not happy, you don't pay. How's that?
I do color corrections and audio cleanup. If you need a colorist to to make your movie more saleable, I can do it at a good price.
Call me or email me for a quick estimate.
Please note that I do not work on violent movies.