Steve Cosmic
Writer, Director
Casting Director
Producer, Editor
Disruptive filmmaker
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I made my first short film in 1999. It got sold for TV broadcast. Selling your first short film is almost unheard of. Since then, I have sold a total of 7 short films to TV. Real TV, not internet TV. This is also very rare.
Actors like working with me. I helped two actresses win Best Actress Awards. Testimonials at bottom of this page. 
If you have a video or movie project, I can shoot, direct, and edit it for you.
604-731-0090. Free phone consultations. 
My 111 IMDB movie credits are here.
Vancouver post production services $50 per hour.
Editing page with samples $50 per hour.
I have everything needed to make your movie, including camera, super tripod, lights, audio, camera dolly, steady cam, ladder cam, and a green screen studio. I also have a new, super fast computer with Adobe Premiere, used in Hollywood movies.
My home studio:
1898 Balsam St
Apartment 4
Vancouver BC
V6K 3M4
picture of filmmaker
OVER 30 FESTIVALS, 10 nominations, 10 awards. 
Here is my editing demo reel. All clips were filmed with my 4K camera.
Many different looks are possible, including "film looks"
If your goal is to make a movie to sell to TV, check out the scene above. It is a typical, average scene. Visualize parts of your movie shot something like this scene. The quality is easily as good as many TV movies. And it was directed and shot with a crew of one! If you want to make a movie for a low price, you have found the right place!
I shot this music video in about 5 hours with a crew of one. (Me!) It is common for a project like this to use a crew of 3 to 10 or even more. I am a disruptive filmmaker. I use film rigs which I invented, and fast shooting methods with a crew of 1-3. "I Matter to The World", above, won 4 awards.
picture of film crew
The cast and crew from one of my award winning films. You can watch it here.
My most recent movie, Mona's Me Too Story,  in festivals, here. It won a Best Actress award! Also Best Editing and Most Inspirational Award.
NEW: My first short film,  1999, see me acting, sold to broadcast TV, here. 
My bio, my almost famous short speech, here.
A funny documentary, here. 
My recent comedy, A Sweater Girl Covid Comedy, here.
Funny actors wanted!
Look here!
Actors resources. Free acting help, here.
Actors who want to win an award, click here. 
PHOTOS PAGE. Actors headshots, demo reels, audition tapes. Look here. 
Editing, $50 per hour, here.
Investors wanted. For micro budget comedy. 10 X ROI possible. See budget etc here. 
Disruptive filmmaking, fastest, cheapest way to make a movie, here. 
Save a life for $180, donate, here.
My10th award is here!
And a Best Director nomination too!
If you are interested in movie investments, you can check out some of my upcoming micro budget movie projects through the links above.
My awards so far. I have about 3 other awards for my first music video. The recording artist submitted to some festivals where it won awards, and I don't know the sites. It was a long time ago.
News. Mona's Me Too Story just won two more awards. For Most Inspiring Short Film, and also for Best Editing. The actress won a Best Actress Award about a year ago.
News. Mona's Me Too Story just won two more awards. For Most Inspiring Short Film, and also for Best Editing. The actress won a Best Actress Award about a year ago. The two newest awards are this page.  
A new photo of my awards at bottom of page