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There is no nudity in this movie.
Alien Sweater Girls
Sweater Girl Aliens
(working titles)
An IMPROV Comedy Movie
A farce. It is not meant to be sensible!
by Steve Cosmic
Draft 4.1, February 19, 2020
About 70 to 80 minutes long.
There may be some changes.
The Characters:
Marcie, 20's an aspiring actress. Her character will be created by the actress, after reading the scene outlines below, and brainstorming with the director. Marcie is the main character. Marcie's shoot should be doable in two or three fairly easy days, with about 1-2 hours of voice over narration to be done when the editing is nearing completion. Marcie is dressed like a "sweater girl" from the 1950's, and she wears a Marilyn Monroe style wig and a pointy bra. (Look for sweater girl video links and photos on my website.) Her breasts will be made pointy and enhanced if necessary.
Brandy, 20's also an aspiring actress. She is the secondary character. Her character will be created after brainstorming with the director. Her shoot will be about 4 hours. Her wardrobe can be something like old Bettie Page photos, or she can wear a lingerie type outfit if she likes. She might wear a Bettie Page style wig. If she supplies both types of outfits, she will get more screen time and more pay. A lingerie outfit is not mandatory. This will all be discussed and brainstormed in advance.
Marvin, 30's. Marvin is an "Ancient Astronaut Theorist". The actor for this role should watch Ancient Aliens on TV. His hair may be sticking up. He may be geeky or nerdy. He will wear unusual wardrobe likely, to be discussed. A smaller role. If the scene is going well it could be longer, with more pay for Marvin.
Mernivax, 20's. Her ancestors bred with ancient aliens. She has huge pointed breasts. (remember this is a farce! We'll rig up some huge funny boobs!) She wears a tight sweater. She may have a wild hair style or wig. She may have strange eye makeup. She encounters Marcie on the street and they chat a bit. If the scene is going well it could be longer, with more pay for Mernivax.
The Driver has a car and drives it while Marcie chases his or her car. The driver repeats the scene driving my car. The driver has a speaking role at the end.
Everyone will get IMDB credits and a copy of the movie, and can attend the screening party.
The actors will largely create their own characters.
All actors should understand basic improv, in that their conversational lines should end with an opening for the other person to speak. This can involve a question sometimes, or a sentence that invites an opinion or comment from the other person.  Mostly improv, with only some limited aproximate memorization. There will be a practice session with the actors interacting and improvising before the shoot.
The movie will be shot using the same style of shooting as shown in the sweater girls improv movie which can be found on my site. It is suggested actors watch the full movie, though just watching the trailer is good enough initially to get an idea of how it will look. The same indoor location will be used, and some of the outdoor locations will be the same too. All outdoor locations will be within a few blocks of the indoor location. 
Before each scene the actors will be able to read over the scene outline and discuss it with the director. Remember it is improv. However, in some scenes there are lines which the writer/director wants to have included for sure. The lines can be changed a bit in most instances. 
Below she or you may be used interchangeably, and both mean Marcie. There are some extra notes included here to make it easier to understand how it will look when finished.
UPDATE: The solo scenes of Marcie will be re written, with another character, probably Brandy. They will talk back and forth. Marcie will not
talk to the cameraman. She will not look at the camera.
Marcie is sitting at a kitchen table with her Marilyn Monroe style wig on the table. She sips coffee sometimes as she talks. She can say the exact words here, or an approximation of the words, as long as all of the key points are included.
Hi I'm Marcie and I'm a famous actress from the 50's! Ha ha, well I 'm not really a famous actress but I'm AM an actress. Not a rookie either. (prideful) I've got an agent and I was almost in a deodorant commericial.
(She looks at the camera man for the next line)
You said I could talk about anything right? Just go about my regular day?
(the camera man nods says yeah and Marcie acknowledges.)
OK, where was I?.....
Oh, my agent said I might get to audition for a big budget romantic comedy. There's a big star in it... I forget his name.... you'd know him...... an English guy, good looking but with huge ears.  And I might audition for a commercial too, which is more likely.
(She puts on wig) What do you think? Do I look like like I'm in an old movie? (Looks in hand mirror) Talk
about how the wig looks etc.  Talk 1 minute.
Oh, and the director said we're going to be doing a car chase scene. They didn't do car chase scenes in those old movies. So this will be historic, sort of.
It's going to be so exciting, I can't wait. My sister said I'll never make it as an actress and I'll probably end up doing porn. But I'll show her. .... etc etc.... talk about why you will be a successful actress for 1 minute. When your sister sees you in the car chase scene she'll know you've hit the big time. etc etc. Then say you are going to change into a tight sweater.
If OK with it, the actress will change into the sweater on camera, talking all the while. (It will not be close up) If not, say you are going to change and you'll be right back and walk out of frame.
If she goes out of frame....
Marcie walks into frame, wearing the wig and tight sweater, doing a sexy Marilyn walk. She sits and looks at herself in the hand mirror again.
I work as a waitress for a day job until I start getting regular acting work.
Talk about your day job, real or imaginary, and some of the people who work there etc. Mention you are not a very good waitress sometimes because you are always thinking about acting and being a big star etc etc....
1 to 2 minutes of this....
She looks at the camera.... and pauses...... then speaks.
OK, I'm just going to be completely honest.
I'm actually really
stressed out right now.
I'm stressed because I'm waiting for my agent
to call about the commercial audition.
I've really got my hopes pinned on it.
She's supposed to call any time now. Actually she's late.
(several beats)
Umm, I'm going to make some more coffee. (She looks at the director standing by the camera) You said you were just going to follow me around with the camera all day...... are you going to like watch me make coffee and stuff like that?  (Director nodded) Yes? OK..... she walks into the kitchen and makes instant coffee. She talks about using instant coffee because it is way cheaper plus she can get all the free coffee she wants when waitressing. More talk while in kitchen making coffee. She can mention that she thinks the car chase scene will be the best part of the movie. She wonders what it will be like and so on.
She walks back to table and sits down.
Oh yeah, where was I? (looks at director) I just keep talking to the camera, right?
Well I moved here from a small town a year ago and I started taking acting classes. Talk about the classes, the instructor, some of the other students. What your first class was like. What you do there etc.
Some have talent, some don't. Mention a girl named Katrina who really has no talent. Talk about how bad she is, mistakes she makes, maybe she is beautiful with a great body but that isn't enough to be a success.
Expand on this.... dedication and hard work are needed etc. Why you'll make it big, etc etc etc.
Katrina will never make it. Now there's someone who probably will end up doing porn. But she has really nice hair and does her own hair so maybe she can be a hairdresser.  or whatever, etc etc.
Mention why you think you'll make it and what kind of roles you want to play etc etc.
Talking about the acting class and Katrina should take a good 3 minutes.
Oh, I have an old old painting. It's really valuable.
She reaches for something in the corner of the room on a chair.
She displays a gold framed print of The Mona Lisa.
This painting is over 4000 years old. And the frame is solid gold. It's worth around 200 thousand. I got it at a yard sale for $300. The guy wanted $500 but I got a discount for standing around in my bikini for the day. I was coming back from the beach and that is why I was in my bikini.
She says she might sell it soon, and use some of the money to buy a car and use some of the money to go to New York to take advanced acting classes.
She talks about the great classes that are in New York etc etc etc. Mention anything you know about the Meisner technique and Method acting. Talk about any famous actors who trained there. Why you want to go there. Anything you know about New York. If you want to see the Yankees play baseball when there? Or see Broadway plays? She might mention any concerns she has about safety in NY, how expensive it will be, and if she'll have to live in a dumpy room with rats and roaches. Anything.
But it will be worth it to get some great acting training and then get acting gigs. I want to show up my sister. She thinks she's so smart because she got her hairdressing degree.
Marcie mentions that she is going out for a walk. She wants to see what kind of looks or reactions she will get with the wig and her pointy breasts.
She walks along behind a camera dolly, in a quiet residential neighbourhood, and then on a busy sidewalk outside a small McDonald's.
 "Don't Drop The Baby" is heard while she walks. (It will be a recordning of her singing, or perhaps Brandy or Mernavix will sing it.)
Walking outside McDonald's she licks an ice cream cone. The song is playing. The ice cream falls on the sidewalk.
Fuck! (the fuck will be bleeped out. Bleeps are funny)
Oh well, I still have the cone. The cone is good.
(She is a glass half full optimistic person.)
Lyrics for "Don't Drop the Baby"
When I was just a babe of one,
And my sister was thirteen,
She was holding me in her arm as she walked,
When she suddenly got a phone call,
It musta been an important call,
Cause she kinda forgot about me,
She talked and I wiggled and fell on the floor,
She had to cut off her con-ver-sation.
I just wouldn't stop cryin',
I had bumped my head on the floor,
It changed me comp-letely,
When I got older I turned into a whore.
So don't drop the baby,
Or she'll turn out like me.
I've had hundreds of boyfriends
I don't know all their names,
I can't hold a job and I'm late on my rent
So don't drop the baby, or she'll turn out like me,
No don't drop the baby or she'll turn out like me.
She continues walking back in the residential area.
A nearby neighbourhood. Marvin is walking. He stops suddenly when he sees a rock garden with huge boulders. The words "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" appear on the screen, and then leave. He walks closer to a boulder. On the boulder there is a scratched drawing that looks like a cave drawing. The drawing shows two females with absolutely huge pointed breasts and space helmets. There is a flying saucer type craft in the sky. Marvin takes some pictures of the drawing with his phone, and continues walking.
Marcie still walking, on a different street. The song continues to play.
Mernivax walking in a different part of the hood.
Marcie entering her apartment.
She sits and checks her text messages. The song ends. She checks her wig in the mirror and comments about her wig. She comments about dropping her ice cream and about any reactions she got to her bullet bra. Her phone rings. She answers.
Oh hi. You got an audition? .............Awsome! ..... what's it for?....... Uhh, I think I know her. She was
from the 50's right? ............................ what are you going to wear to your audition?........ OK, I'll see it when you get here............ bye.
That was my friend Brandy. She's in my acting class. She got an audition to play that old pin up queen.... I forget her name. (It is Betty Paige but she doesn't say the name.)
I'm hungry. I'm going to make some KD.
She walks into the kitchen and starts heating some water.
(stirring water)
Sometimes I stir the water, but you don't really have to.
I think it helps. Well, a bit anyway. It can't hurt, right?
The water boils.
Actually I'm using no name KD. It's cheaper.
She dumps no name KD in the boiling water and stirs it. She looks at the camera and doesn't know what to say. She fusses about the kitchen a bit. Part of "Don't Drop the Baby" may be heard.
I always add extra margarine. It makes it better.
She adds half a tub of margarine.
What the hell, I think I'll spoil myself.
She puts the rest of the tub of margaine in and stirs it. Then she adds the cheese packet, and walks into the dining area.
She eats her no name KD.
Several times she mentions she is eagerly awaiting the car chase scene.
She finishes her no name KD and takes her plate and fork back into the kitchen. She comes back into the dining area.
I'm going to exercise a bit now. The director said I have to be in good shape for the car chase scene.
She rotates her arms in circles and jogs on the spot for a bit. She may use some small hand weights.
Her buzzer rings. She answers the buzzer.
OK, comeon in.
Brandy enters and takes off her jacket. She is wearing a Betty Paige type sun suit or similar.
This is what I'm wearing to the audition!
They both talk about it a bit. Brandy asks Marcie to take some pictures of her. Marcie takes pictures with her phone and gives some posing instructions. They talk and have fun.
(The next scene is optional for Brandy, for more screen time and more pay)
She says she has another outfit she might wear instead. Marcie asks what it is. Brandy says she will
show her. She goes to the bathroom and changes and comes back, wearing a Betty Paige type lingerie outfit or similar.
She models it for a moment and then asks Marcie to take some pictures of her again. Marcie takes pictures again giving posing instructions.
Brandy sits down and notices the Mona Lisa print. She picks it up. She says she likes it and that she almost bought one on Amazon for $12.95. Marcie's jaw drops. She can't believe it. She goes into the kitchen without speaking and gets a chocolate bar and returns. She gobbles it down without speaking. Brandy looks at her and the Mona Lisa as Marcie gobbles the chocolate bar. Brandy holds up the Mona Lisa.
Well, it's really nice.
Marcie glares at her.
I stood around in my fucking (bleeped) bikini all day! And I paid $300!
Why did you pay so much?
It's a long fucking (bleeped) story. The guy told me it was worth 200 thousand......
They are both silent for a while. Marcie gets another chocolate bar and starts eating it. Brandy can see it is probably best if she leaves. She says she is going....... she puts her coat on and walks out to Marcie gobbling the second chocolate bar. She says bye to Marcie as she leaves. Marcie mumbles and waves and keeps eating her chocolate bar.
Marcie sitting on couch.
She says she feels a bit better now and explains that the call she is waiting for is for the commercial, not for the role with the cute English guy. She says she doesn't really feel like shooting anymore and if it wasn't for the car chase scene she would just quit.
Her phone rings.
Hello...? ..... ...... no, this isn't the doctor's office..... bye. Fuck. (bleeped)
She is quiet for a bit. Then she explains that if she does get the role with the cute English guy she is going to have to wear high heels and she is not really comfortable in high heels. So she says she should practice walking in high heels a bit. She puts on one high heel and keeps her runner on the other foot. She explains that while she doesn't like wearing high heels, they definitely make her legs look better.
Marcie demonstrates how high heels make her legs look better, compared to runners. She pulls her skirt up to show her legs and stands sideways to the camera, first demonstrating the runner leg and then turning the other way and showing her high heel leg. She walks into the kitchen for more coffee wearing one high heel and one runner. Lots of comments and talk all the time.
Marcie announces that she is going to clean up a bit. She sweeps the floor wearing one high heel and one runner.
Marcie sweeps the floor with shots of her broom sweeping up HUGE amounts of dust and dirt from under a desk, including some live wiggling worms and a fish head and a fish skeleton. Close ups on dust pan and waste paper basket where she empties the dust pan. The fish head and fish skeleton and the live wiggling worms are seen.
She leaves the waste paper basket in the room without emptying it.
Ummm, I don't know what to say... oh, you know what's really good? Fried KD.  She talks about this for a bit.
The she says she is going to do her laundry.
Laundry room. Marcie enters carrying a full laundry basket and a hamster cage with a hamster in it. She sets the laundry basket and hampster cage on one of the dryers and opens a washing machine. She puts her laundry in a washing machine and adds some laundry detergent. She puts coins in the washing machine. Then she reaches into the hamster cage and takes out the hamster.
This is Roger. He's getting kind of smelly.
She puts Roger into the washing machine on top of her clothes and closes the lid to the washing machine. The washing machine is heard to start, with the sound of water coming into the washing machine.
Sometimes I wait here with my laundry,
or sometimes I go back to my apartment.
She waits for a bit, looking around with nothing to say. She looks bored. She checks her phone. The washing maching sound changes from water coming in, to the sound of it washing the clothes. Marcie lifts the lid on the washing machine
and the washing machine stops. She looks in.
(big happy smile)
Roger is swimming! (another smile) He looks so cute with all the bubbles!!
She closes the washing machine lid and the washing machine starts again. She leaves the laundry room.
Mirnavax walking on a residential street, drinking coffee.
Marcie playing Monopoly by herself. She moves between two chairs, playing as if there were two players playing. Some of this is sped up very fast in editing. At one point she points to the door, to make the other imaginary person look that way for a minute, then she steals some money from the bank.
She continues playing, and she wins! She is happy and says she loves to win.
She looks at the director and asks when they'll be shooting the car chase scene. Off camera the director says it's next. She is delighted and excited.
Nearby quiet residential street. Parking is permitted on both sides of the street, which creates one lane in the middle. Traffic moves fairly slowly. The director is with Marcie on the street, pointing towards the area where she will be running. He is talking but may not be heard or heard faintly. Marcie listens. A moment later he turns to point towards where Marcie will wait for a car to come, and when his back is to her, Marcie makes a funny know it all face and mouths "yeah yeah yeah" at the camera because he already explained it once before. When the director turns towards her she suddenly pretends she was listening closely all the time. Their voices may be heard faintly, though their motions are enough for the viewer to figure out what is happening.
The street, camera looking towards where the director and Marcie were standing before. A vehicle comes towards the camera and then past the camera with Marcie running in a funny way as if she wanted to catch the car. The actual run is only 4 or 5 seconds. She calls at the car as she runs......
Wait! You have to sign something! This is my car chase scene! We're making history!
This is done twice, the second time with a different vehicle.
MARCIE running in middle of the street behind the camera dolly, with no traffic. She does a funny run as before. The running behind the camera dolly clips are cut to the first clips. It will look good with live voice.
Marcie does her funny running. 
Wait! You have to sign! This is for a movie!! (several beats) This is historic! Wait!  You have to sign!....
This is done for two cars. The Driver is driving. The driver doesn't notice that Marcie is running after him or her, and looks straight ahead.
A back lane or another quiet street. Marcie is standing, waiting to hear "action!"
A toy car about 2 feet long, with a rope tied to the front is on the pavement. The rope is not visible in the tight shot. Then the shot widens, and we see the rope which is tied to the camera dolly, and Marcie. The director calls "action!" and the camera dolly with the attached toy car start moving at jogging speed. Marcie runs after it. Marcie runs with her funny run as before, and then she suddenly stops.
(Calling to the camera man)
I fucking quit! (bleeped) I don't want to do any more car chasing.
Sidewalk in the same residential area. Marcie is carrying the toy car with the rope wound around it. She is walking behind the camera dolly.
(puffing a bit) It's not what I thought it would be, that's for fucking sure....... (bleeped)...... (5  or 6 beats.... walking) Kinda fucking stupid actually (bleeped)....... (4 beats) But then I guess playing Monopoly by myself isn't so fucking brilliant either. (bleeped)...... (beats) (Feeling positive) Oh well, at least I can say I was in a car chase scene in a movie! (beat) Not everyone can say that. (2 beats) I'll put it on facebook that I was in a car chase scene!
(numerous beats)
The director says I can keep this car.
She looks at car.
I can tell my sister the director liked my acting so much he gave me a car!
She continues walking.
Marcie walking on a residential sidewalk, still carrying the toy car with the rope wound around it. Marvin sees her from across the street and calls to her. He hurries over to her. He looks at her pointy bullet bra breasts. He is a bit nervous to look at them. He asks Marcie if her ancestors were aliens. Marcie looks puzzled. He says he is wondering because she has pointy breasts, and he shows her a close up photo of the drawing on the boulder in his phone. Marcie says no, well I don't thinks so, well maybe. My parents are kinda weird if that means anything. I'm wearing a bullet bra, it's an old style from the 1950's. Marvin looks at her pointy breasts. Then he looks at the toy car and asks if it is photon powered. Marcie says no, that it might have had batteries but it doesn't work now and that they had to pull it with a rope. She looks at his strange hair and geeky appearance. Marcie might ask to see the photo again and they talk about the rock drawing. He says he is an ancient astronaut theorist and he gives her his card. They say goodby and part. Marcie continues walking.
Marcie approaching a street bench. Mernivax is sitting there. Marcie slows down and looks at her.
(looking at Mernivax's huge pointy breasts) I see you are wearing a bullet bra too.
I'm not wearing a bra.
.. uh...oh.... are you from around here?
I live a few blocks away, but my ancestors are from BurgerTrump. (beat) It's 14 light years from here.
How old are you?
900. I'm can get married when I turn a thousand.
Marcie sits down and they both chat for a while, improvising. Mernavax asks if the car has photon power. They talk about the car briefly. This scene could be fairly long if they are both interesting. Then Marcie says goodbye and walks away.
Marcie walks into her apartment and sits down.
I guess this is about the end. It was an unusual day, that's for sure. That alien astronaut theorist guy,... and the alien girl. But it was an interesting day and I enjoyed it. (beats) Unfortunately my hamster Roger died. (beat)
He only cost five dollars. (beat) He was on sale.
(looks at director) Have you got enough to make a movie? You think anyone will watch it?
Marcie looks partially away for a bit. Her phone rings. It's her agent. She is excited. She listens as she holds the phone in one hand, and points at it with her other hand and looks at the camera....... good news is being heard.
Wow! ......That's great! ......... OK...........  You'll text me the call time and location...... ..... (beat) I'll be there for sure!!! Thank you!!
Marcie puts her phone down and looks at the camera, and the camera man.
I got the part in the commercial!! It's $500 for the day and I get food too! It's for a ketchup commercial! I don't have to memorize any lines. (beat)  I'm going to be a tomato. (beat) Finally all of my acting classes have paid off!
For $500 I would have memorized lines. Well, .... but of course tomatos can't talk anyway.
Credits start, with "Don't Drop The Baby" heard. The song fades out during the speaking parts below, and then fades in after each scene ends.
During credits, CUT TO Marcie sitting at a bus stop. She is talking to her sister on her phone.
"Oh, the car?.... I gave it away. It was small. I want something bigger."
The credits and song continue.
Brandy at another bus stop.
She is holding the toy car, talking on her phone.... "The other actress gave me a plastic car. I think I'll put some soil in it and grow some pot."
The credits and song continue.
The Driver, behind Marcies' apartment, leaning on one of the cars. His/her arms are folded and The Driver is moderately angry. The director and Marcie approach, and maybe Brandy and Mernivax and Marvin too.
That wasn't much of a car chase! I'm a professional stunt driver!
You read the script....
I've got my stunt driver's licence! I expected a real car chase! I'm going to report you!
MARCIE (or one of the others)
What will you report us for?
I'll...I'll....I'll.. report you for being funny!
Back to song and credits.
Credits include the words,
The hamster was taped securely in a small cardboard
box. The production assistant said a few words before
dropping the box in a dumpster.
On the next screen
The hamster was not mistreated (very much.)
On the next screen
Accidents happen.
Then the rest of the credits. Actors and crew names etc finish.
On screen
Actually the hamster was not harmed and he lived to be over 2.
On screen
He really was on sale.
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