Steve Cosmic
Vancouver Post Production
Fast, creative, $50 per hour
Satisfaction guaranteed
Your one stop shop for everything
Color grading, picture sharpening, audio cleanup, echo removal, titles, music procurement, After Effects, green screen work. Get your movie ready for sale! Watch my funny demo reel, and visualize some of the effects in your movie!
I use Adobe Premiere with After Effects, in brand new very fast computer. (The same kind of system used in Hollywood Movies.)
I do color corrections and audio cleanup. If you need a colorist to make your movie more saleable, I can do it at a good price.
I can make footage shot on a lower end camera, look like it was shot on a higher end camera! AI enhancement!!
I can also fix audio, cleaning up background noise, and saving some footage which might otherwise be lost.
I can often fix "unfixable" shooting or acting errors! 
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The above scene was made for TV. It has a professional look to it, and it is like a typical made for TV movie. It is easily good enough for Netflix, TubiTV,
Hulu, and Amazon.
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My "nothing to lose" offer for you.
I will edit your short project, or part of your long project, and show it to you.
If you are not happy, you don't pay! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
You have nothing to lose by giving me a try.
Please note that I do not work on violent movies.
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