Steve Cosmic, public speaker.
I do public speaking, and I teach public speaking. Here are some of my speeches. Before a speech I was introduced as "The World's Most Interesting Man." You can read my bio here and decide for yourself.
Besides the topics you see below, I can also speak on what I think the future will bring, regarding climate change, world affairs, social conditions and stock markets.
You can hire me to speak to your group.
I can teach you to speak in public too. I have done about 40 speeches and 130 stage appearances, including standup comedy. I can teach you my secrets to fearless public speaking. 
Call me, 604-731-0090. I don't text. Email me here.
Dynamite and Last Minute Phone Calls
How to be Happy. 3 Must Do's For a Happy Life." 
About 8 minutes long.
"Once Upon Two Times. A Flying Story. A Life Story" 
To be happy we have to forgive those who hurt us, and not live in the past.
About 7 minutes long.
"Fun with Kids. Lessons From Kids" 
Lessons from kids which pertain to happiness.
About 8 minutes long.
"Doing What Your Soul Really Wants" 
       (The main key to being happy.)
A quote from this speech..... "Your soul does not give a rat's ass about being politically correct. Like wild flowers blooming in a war zone, your soul wants you to bloom too, no matter what is happening around you."
About 6 minutes long.
How to Remove Duct Tape From a Cat
About 7 minutes long.
Movie Violence Affects Everyone, Including You
About 8 minutes long.
I can do a talk about relationships if you like
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My most famous speech
"A Cup of Love. The Power of Kindness" 
Powerful and inspiring. This speech has changed lives.
About 7 minutes long.
"About Five Songs" 
Why I wrote some songs. A song with one word, a song with one line. The one line
song helps me heal. A song you may know
may make your life better, after you understand how it can. Who to ask when you need help.
About 10 minutes long.
Call me, 604-731-0090 
A funny speech about flying.
"Fasten Your Seat Belts and No Puking" 
I didn't like it when my passengers got sick. But sometimes it was funny.
About 9 minutes long.
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