Actors will create or help create their own character! (Everything here may change a bit)
1. Virginia. A 1950's sweater girl, she dresses like the photo.  She creates her own character, after brainstorming. Virginia would love to be in a movie. Find out about sweater girls here, and here. There is a following for this!
2. Brandi. Confident in a bikini. 90 to 95% of the time she is wearing a bikini under a cardigan or other top, with her bikini just showing a bit. 5 to 10% of the time she is in her bikini. She also creates her own character after brainstorming. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini to get ahead. Lots of actresses have done this. More on this topic can be found by going here. Brandi wants to be in movies.
3. Betsy. She loves 50's fashion, and dressing like a pin up queen from that era. She also creates her own character. Betsy plays a smaller role.
4. Max. 20's. Handsome, muscular. Smaller role. He meets Betsy and Brandi at the beach. He likes to show his muscles. Max must be comfortable taking his shirt off.
If you have questions you can contact the writer/director, here.
This synopsis may vary a bit, as we brainstorm and do rehearsals. We are co-creating!
Virginia and Brandi walk behind a camera on a dolly, stopping at several small parks with ocean and mountain views. They talk, sometimes being funny, other times being philisophical. They don't try to be funny. They are both waiting for important news. Brandi is expecting news about a call back. Her audition went well and she is anticpating getting a paid role in a big movie. Virginia is also anticpating some news. They are both stressed somewhat, because of their anticipated calls. They talk about what they see, which includes some expensive houses, and the views from some parks at the top of a cliff, which have spectacular views. At one of these parks, they meet Betsy and interact with her. Later they meet Max. First they try to figure out if he is gay or not. They both get a crush on him. They both give their phone numbers to him, when the other is diverted briefly. They are both hoping he will call them later.
They say goodbye to Max and start walking home. They both get some non important, time wasting calls. After a bit, Brandi gets news she will be getting the acting gig! Virginia gets good news too! They say goodbye to each other and walk separately.
Cut to Max, on his own. He makes a call on his phone. Split screen, of the two girls on their own. Their phones ring simultaneously. They excitedly answer! They speak in unison.... "Hello"?..... FADE OUT.
Two famous comedy movies were made with scene outlines and improv.
The movies are Best in Show, and This is Spinal Tap. Both are shown over and over again on TV.  A links about this are here, and here. 
I have watched both about 5 times each. Watch them if you can, and remember they are improv as you watch them. Parts of them may be on youtube. Best in Show was made in Vancouver and Maple Ridge.
One of the characters has "Fake Hump Syndrome". This "affliction" makes the person do involuntary, awkward, clumbsy, unexpected pelivic thrusts without warning. (The thrusts are non erotic.)  Funny to see! Fake Hump Syndrome is described and demonstrated in part 2 of our recent movie.   
It's funny!  It can be Virginia or Brandi.  
Here are the scene outlines, still a work in progress. About 22 to 25 scenes are needed, and the actors can create some of them!
Below I will write some dialogue, without putting in a characters name. It doesn't matter which character says the words, and exactly how they say the words. Imagine yourself having a conversation.... put the scenes into your own words..... you can add details..... (but not too many details, or it could get boring) Imagine yourself in half of the conversation.
FADE IN.... Virginia and Brandi are sitting on chairs on a lawn by a sidewalk.
What are we going to be doing in this movie? We talk and we walk and we go to some parks. Well like where do we walk? We just follow the camera. Oh. It looks like the camera is mounted on a baby stroller. It is. The director is an inventor. And we just talk about stuff? Yeah, this is a reality movie, whatever happens happens. But we sort of know some of what will happen. We meet a handsome/cute guy with big muscles. Oh, cool..... (etc etc, 1 minute.) Wherever I put etc etc, the characters should expand and talk a bit more. I will put in the approximate number of minutes to add.
The two girls walking on a sidewalk behind the camera dolly.
I was over at Rob's the other night. And? I used his bathroom and I saw he had some cologne called After Hours. So I said, I see your After Hours cologne. Been getting some late night action? He said no, I like to smell nice when I jack off. The other girl laughs. That's funny. (beat) And honest. I like guys who are honest. Yeah, it's the most important thing in a relationship.
I like guys who make me laugh. Yeah, that's important too. Expand on this one minute.
IE: Joe made me laugh, but he wasn't honest. Etc etc. Work this in..... about Joe or someone.....He didn't care if I smelled bad. Actually it turned him on. That's weird. Some of our best sex was when I hadn't showered for 4 days. Why did you split up? He sold his car. (The other gives small nod of understanding.)
Expand on being sincere. etc etc. Being reliable. etc etc.
NOTE: Virginia and Brandi should say each other's name once in a while, especially in the first 2 scenes. This will help your audience bond with you. Say name just once in the first 2 scenes, and then say each other's name in about every third or fourth scene after that. Work the other's name into your conversation in a natural way.
I read on the net that good sex prolongs a bad relationship an average of 30 months. So?
Well, think about it.... you might be in a relationship that would have only lasted 1 month, but with good sex it lasts 31 months. Well, that's considered a long term relationship isn't it? Yes, but it's not a successful relationship. When it ends, you have heartache, and you have to start all over again. (beat) And 31 months is long enough to have a baby. Do you want to be a single mom? Well no. (beat) So what are you supposed to do?
Wait before sex. At least 10 dates, or even more. (said seriously) I'll have to get new batteries. Other girl... laughs. I'm serious.
several beats......
Someone told me once that you can tell how a relationship will go in the first 20 minutes after meeting someone. How's that? By noticing little things. Look for small little yellow flags. (beat) They can turn into red flags. ....... Like if you are having a meal, watch how he treats a waitress. How he treats her, is how you will be treated in 6 months. And if he flirts with a waitress he'll probably cheat on you.
Hmm, you know a lot....... improv about a minute more.
They continue walking. One of the girls does a Fake Hump thrust.
(During auditions or rehearsals, we will see who does the funniest Fake Humps and decide if it will be Virginia or Brandi who does the thrusts.)
I'm expecting an important call today. What about? About an acting gig. I auditioned, and I got called back. I think I impressed them on my call back. It's for a big movie. I perform about 10 lines. I'll get quite a bit of money. Wow! Good for you! Who's in the movie? What's it about?
It stars that guy who's in that cult and he's getting a divorce, I forget his name. Other.... they're all getting a divorce! Well, not all. You're right, not all of them are getting divorced. Anyway, it's a big movie, a love story about a pilot with two kids and a teacher with 4 kids who start an online dating site and get mixed up with gangsters and zombies. Sounds good. I hope you get the gig.
etc etc 1 minute more improv.
I'm expecting an important call too. Yeah? what about? About a gig. I don't have to audition though. They saw my photos and demo reel. And they'll hire you just like that? Yeah.... it's very low budget. I won't be getting much money, but it's for a lead role. What's the role? I play a hooker vampire who's also a computer game geek. Sounds good.
Expand etc etc 1 minute improv.
Space here for a story by one of the girls, with comments by the other. About 2 minutes long. A Fake Hump thrust can be included.
Would you do a nude scene? Ah maybe. It depends. Depends on what? I would do topless but not fully nude. And only if it was part of the story. You mean like in a big movie with big stars? Yeah.
Well what if it was low budget, with other unknown actors? Well I would want to get paid
extra. Like how much extra? Well I don't know, it depends on the budget. OK, let's say you were being paid for a supporting role, maybe you were getting three thousand. How much extra would you want for a nude scene? Hmm,..... I would say an extra thousand.
Would that be for just being topless for a minute, or for a simulated love scene or sex scene? I don't know. I haven't thought about it that much. I would say for that I would want two thousand extra.
What about you? Expand on this for another minute.
One character says, once I did a nude photo shoot. I didn't get paid. All I got was some pictures. (beat) They're nice pictures. Artistic and creative. What was it like?
I was sitting on a horse. By the ocean. Hmm. Did the horse know you were nude? (beat) Probably, I walked right in front of him. Like why would a horse care if I am nude or not? I don't know. I was just wondering. I'm nude in front of my cat. (beat) But I put her in the bathroom when I masturbate. (Other girl nods.)
Expand another 30 to 60 seconds.
NOTE: Some scenes may be shot in different order, and at different locations.
This can be while sitting at a park bench. One girl says she wants to talk about something personal. She explains that she has a physical affliction called Fake Hump Syndrome.
It can be like this.... Now I want to talk about something personal. I have a physical affliction. It's not life threatening or anything. It's called Fake Hump Syndrome. I've had it since I was 12. (beat) You see, what happens, is sometimes I do a pelvic thrust. I never know when it will happen. Sometimes it happens when I am excited about something. Usually I just do it once, but sometimes I do it more.
Lots of people have it. My whole family has it. When my parents have a disagreement
they both do it while they yell at each other. (beat) My sister has 3 kids and they all have it. (beat) The kids look so cute when they do it!
The other girl says, I was wondering why you did that. I thought it was because you were horny.
Another scene made up by the two characters. They may be walking behind the camera dolly still, or at one of the small parks we will stop at with an ocean and mountain view. There are benches which can be sat on. About 3 minutes long. Include one Fake Hump thrust at a totally unexpected time.
How many auditions have you gone to? I think... I would say about 15. I've gone to 12. I keep track. How many gigs did you book? Well, none. But I came close a few times!
(beat) Same here.
You know Martha in our acting class? Yeah. She's gone to over a hundred. How many gigs has she booked? Just one. She got one line in a big movie. That's all? She's been
in about 50 student films. (beat). She's been taking classes for over 10 years. (beat)
For someone like her, do you think she should give up?
I dunno, it's a personal choice. She gets quite a bit of background work apparently. It's because of her look. With her hair up and an old style dress she gets seen on camera quite a bit in some movies set in the 1800's. Yeah well that's just background, it's not acting. (beat) Yeah. (several beats, awkward silence)
Do you think you'll ever give up? Well, I could I guess. I've got my degree that I can
fall back on. What degree? I didn't know you had a degree! I have my degree as an eyelash technician.
Expand a bit more, 30 seconds improv.
What about you, do you think you'll ever give up? I hope not. I don't have a degree.
But if I do give up, I can always go back home and work at my mom's business. What kind of business is it? (beat) It's making boxes. (or some other boring job)
Look, let's not talk about giving up. We both have possibilities which can happen right today! Yeah, you're right. (beat) And we're going to meet that cute guy with big muscles at the beach right? Right!
They continue walking, Happy at first, then worried.  Thinking about their expected calls. Thinking about failing at acting.
I was thinking about something I heard once. What's that? It's about acting. Or anything really. Anything that would be called someone's Big Dream. Big Dream? What do you mean Big Dream? Well for us say, we both want to be big time actresses, and we know how hard it is. What I heard was this.... "Your Big Dream is outside your comfort zone. So if you are working on something you think is your big dream, and it doesn't scare you, your dream isn't big enough." (2 beats) So how does that apply to people?
Well, most people set goals which are fairly easy to achieve. They are nice safe goals. And they usually achieve them. Like some kind of career, and getting a job that pays well. Well what's wrong with that? What's wrong is they are not happy. (beat) They do what everyone else does. They might have job security, but they have plain, boring lives.
(several beats) I have doubts about being an actress. Having doubts is natural. Keeping going and believing in yourself is the hard part.
Where did you learn all this? From the director. We had coffee onetime.
He said to find people with big dreams too, and to hang out with them.
(beat) (say name) I'm glad I know you. I'm glad I know you too.
They walk by some nice houses. Gee look at that house! It's beautiful. And look at all the flowers and everything. Yeah, it is nice. (beat) Do you think these houses have cockroaches? I doubt it. (beat) You know, I don't know why everyone hates cockroaches so much. They don't actually eat that much. How do you know? Well, say you leave some
dirty dishes in the sink with bits of food on them. If you look closely, after about two weeks there's hardly any food gone. (several beats, either girl may speak) I guess if you left your dishes there long enough you wouldn't have to wash them.
Do you have cockroaches? No, not now. I mean not at my place now. I did one time.
Expand on this 30 to 60 seconds.
BTW, I haven't put (beat)  in all the places it can be. Remember to add beats where needed, to keep the conversation natural.
Any of the actors can write a funny song and sing it a capella. It can be absurd and not make any real sense. About 100 to 120 seconds long only. This is a chance to be creative! I hope one or more of you will do it. If not, I might write one, or someone can sing "Don't Drop The Baby" which is heard on A Sweater Girl Covid Comedy.
Idea, it can be sang with an opera voice, or maybe a country and western voice. Bad
singing welcome! After the song, the other can say something like...
Wow, you have a nice voice. It could help you get an acting gig! You could be in a musical! Thanks. I did try out for a musical once.... a stage play actually....(half a beat) They didn't let me finish. (beat) The guy who showed me out said I had a nice voice. (beat) Then he tried to get my phone number.
Talk more about singing in movies etc etc, improv 30 seconds.
This can be while walking....
One girl gets a phone call... Hello... Oh, hi. I don't know what they're called. I just remember what the package looks like and I buy them........ there's kind of a rainbow
on the package.......feel good? Well, there's these little bumps on them...... how good it
feels is mostly up to the guy...... I don't know. Look, I can't talk now, I'm waiting for a call from my agent. Bye. She hangs up.
That was Louise. She wanted to know what kind of condoms I buy.
Improv a bit on condoms. 1 minute, longer if you have some good lines.
They walk for a bit. The other girl's phone rings.... Hello..... John?... there's no John here... you have the wrong number. Bye. She hangs up. Fuck! (it will be bleeped out, bleeps are funny) A wrong fucking (bleep) number! Just what I need.
I sure hope my agent calls and I get the gig. Me too.....
They walk in silence for a bit. Then a Fake Hump thrust.
A scene here written by the two girls. Topics can be anything. Popular topics are relationships, something about sex, their day jobs, roommates they have had, their
hopes, goals and dreams about acting. Almost anything. No politics.
2 to 3 minutes long.
They walk and approach a picturesque spot. They pause to take photos of each other. They walk down some stairs to a rocky beach. Shots of them walking on the beach. Near the water, they stop and talk. They are in the distance. They throw one or two stones in the water, and then talk.
What should we talk about now? It doesn't matter. They can't hear us. (beat) Are you sure? We're not wearing the mics. Oh, yeah, I forgot. So we can just say anything? Really? Can we talk about (bleep) and (bleep)? Sure they can't hear us.... Do you like (bleep)? Sure. They're OK.
What about (bleep)? Well, I've never actually known any (bleep). Me neither. (beat) We're not supposed to talk about them.... Well, it doesn't matter, they can't fucking (bleep) hear us.
They walk away from the water.
They walk up the stairs for another scene. They may put towels down on the grass to sit on, or sit on a bench.  Or they may stand.
A scene here written and improved by the girls, about 2 minutes long. There could be a Fake Hump thrust.
One girl, I want to buy a coffee somewhere. You can't. Why not? It's not in the script.
At a park, one of the girls announces she wants to change her shorts, or maybe change into a bikini bottom. She changes something like what you see in this famous scene, from Flashdance, but she is standing. She looks at the camera as she speaks. It is a chance to be flirty and mischevious. At one point she might say she is not wearing any
bottom at all, or something like that. Or something funny, or both. Watch the video. You will see that there are good opportunities here to make this scene funny and MEMORABLE. This is a chance to create a memorable scene!
A shot of Betsy, off to the side. She has been watching them. She walks over slowly....
What are you guys doing? We're making a movie. (shyly) Can I be in the movie?
Virginia or Brandi winks at the other..... Well, maybe. But you have to take your top off.
Well, OK, I will. Really? Yeah, sure, I don't mind. I want to be in a movie. I'll do it for free. Call to camera man..... Hey, she wants to be in our movie. Camera man...Ahh, I'm not planning for anyone else. We don't have the budget for it. She says she'll take her top off, for free.
Well,... OK. Betsy starts to take her top off. Camera man calls..... I was just kidding!
Betsy is disappointed.
The three girls talk for a bit. Betsy says she took a stand up comedy course. They talk about doing standup, and if it is scary and whatever. Betsy performs some stand up with Virginia and Brandi as her audience.
(I have some jokes, or any actors can contribute jokes. Originial jokes, no copying.)
Standup comedy scene here. Actors can fill in this scene, or I have more I can add here.
Betsy says what do we do now? We meet a cute guy with big muscles. You have to leave now. Betsy is disappointed, and she walks away.
Virginia and Brandi talk. Betsy walks on the beach, across the frame in the background. Betsy saw one of the other girls doing a Fake Hump thrust, and she thinks maybe doing some thrusts will help get her in the movie. She walks across the frame and does a Fake Hump thrust and walks out of frame. She immedietly turns and walks across the frame the other way, this time doing 3 Fake Hump thrusts. She turns quickly and walks across the frame again. This time she does about 10 Fake Hump thrusts.
The girls finish talking. They may have been talking about Betsy or standup, or meeting Max. They do not notice her walking back and forth behind them.
Max is seen walking towards them, with his shirt off. His shirt may be hanging from his belt. The girls get excited and hope he notices them and comes over to them. Improv here 30 to 60 seconds.
Max stops walking and takes some photos of the ocean and mountains. He's so good looking. Do you think he's gay? I don't know, how can you tell? All the best looking guys I've ever met turned out to be gay. Yeah...... me too actually. It's too bad really. Yeah.
I tried to get a gay guy to ask me out one time. What happened? He did ask me out. We went to a play, and had some food later. Then we hugged. Did he kiss you? (beat). We shook hands. Oh.
Max finishes his photography, and walks somewhat towards them, but not directly towards them. It looks like he might walk past them without saying anything.
Hi... do you know what time it is? Max, it's 1:30. Thanks. (Awkward pause) Did you get some good pictures? Yes I did. This is a beautiful spot. He walks over to them. Are you enjoying the beach?
Max gives them a peculiar stare just for a moment. The girls notice his odd stare.
I'm an intuit. What does that mean? It means I am intuitive. I just know some things without being told. (beat). I'm not gay.
The girls shuffle uncomfortably. They may give awkward comments. All good looking guys aren't gay you know. (2 or 3 beats) My parents are gay..... and all of my grandparents were gay. (beat) My dog is gay.
Do you have a cat? Yeah. She's bi. You have a bisexual cat? Jeepers, I've never heard of that. It's actually quite common. The reason people don't know about that is because most people never see their cats having sex. Have you? Yeah. What was she doing? You know. Lesbian stuff.
A Fake Hump here. Max notices it. One girl says she's going to the washroom and she'll be back in a minute. She does another Fake Hump just before she leaves.
She leaves. The other wants to get Max to ask her out, quick, while the other is in the washroom. Oh, about her thrusts. She has Fake Hump Syndrome. Don't look at her too much or you'll get it too.
Do you have a girlfriend? I had one, we split up a while ago. The girl tries to be flirty, and even seductive. She realizes she has to be quick....she gets bold.
I can give you my phone number if you want to call me sometime. OK. Can you put it in your phone? No, just tell me, I have a good memory, She gives her number. As she speaks, a crow caws. She says 94 (caw), 63 (caw), 442 (caw). Will you remember it?
I never forget phone numbers, especially with someone like you. 2 big smiles.
The other girl comes back, and the one who just gave her number leaves to go to the washroom.
Do you have a girlfriend? I had one, we split up a while ago. The girl tries to be flirty, and even seductive. She realizes she has to be quick....she gets bold.
I can give you my phone number if you want to call me sometime. OK. Can you put it in your phone? No, just tell me, I have a good memory, She gives her number. As she speaks, a seagull cries. She says 72 (seagull cry), 51 (seagull cry), 312 (seagull cry). Will you remember it?
I never forget phone numbers, especially with someone like you. 2 big smiles.
The other girl comes back. Do you want to play catch? OK. Sure. The three of them play catch with a softball for a bit. Betsy may be seen in the distance, watching them. She may have her hands on her hips, facing the camera, occasionally doing a Fake Hump.
There will be a photo shoot with Max, using their phones. Some of the photos will be used in the movie.
Imagine a photo shoot which is similar, with Virginia, Brandi and Max, on the beach, with some of the photos they take put in the movie later.
Max leaves, saying he wants to walk to take some more pictures. It was nice meeting you. Maybe I'll see you again sometime. You too. Bye. Bye. The girls watch him walk away.
He does one or maybe two Fake Humps as he walks away.
One girl gives a chuckle or small laugh. The other has her mouth open a bit. I warned him not to look at you too much.
The other is hurt that her friend told a good looking guy not to look at her. And she is a bit sad knowing she has to live with Fake Hump Syndrome. She does not say this, but it shows on her face.
The girls start walking back home. One girl gets a call from her agent. "I have to sing? (beat) Yes I can sing! (it's the one who can't sing) Awsome!!" She hangs up. I got the gig!! The other gets a call and it is the wrong number again. You got the wrong fucking (bleep) number again!
They walk in silence for a while. The one who got the gig doesn't want to look too happy, because her friend is so disappointed. Then the disappointed one gets a call and gets her gig too! They jump up and down and hug.
They continue walking. The one with the big pay gig talks about what she will buy with the money. Improv 30 or 40 seconds. The other wonders what kind of outfit a vampire hooker would wear. Improv on outfit about a minute, longer if you have good stuff.
They get to an intersection. One says she is going home, the other is going to shop for groceries. They are both hoping Max will call them. They say goodbye and go on their separate ways.
Cut to Max walking back from the end of the beach. He makes a call.
Cut back to Virginia, she is standing at a corner waiting for the light to change. Cut to
Brandi, at another corner or waiting for a bus. Their phones ring simultaneously. SPLIT
SCREEN. They both answer their phones.... "Hello?" (The viewers do not know if
Max is calling, or if the girls are getting other calls.)
Actors feedback welcome! If you are an actor who has read the above, please tell me what you think! I want feedback so I can make changes or improvements. You can email me here. Thanks!
Why I have mostly worked with young women in the past while.
Because it is what I am best at. And it makes sense to work with your strengths.
It started by accident in 2003. I was casting a young woman to star in a movie about sexual abuse. I auditioned about 6 or 8 actresses, in long auditions, and called some of them back. We talked, and some of them shared personal stories with me. I could see they felt comfortable with me.
I didn't think much of it at the time, and over the next few years I worked on projects that were about half male and half female.
Around 2013 I did extensive research on the net and found that movies that feature bikini girls have the best chance of success.
So I started making some bikini movies, and again found that young women liked working with me, and that I was good at working with them. So that's why I have mostly worked with young women the past few years. The movies I make have a much higher than average chance of being a success. I know what works, and what doesn't work.
I need money for my bills and to make my more serious movies.
How to audition. 
1. Send me some pics and tell me about yourself. My email is here.
2. Auditions will be informal, and outdoors, covid safe. Several applicants will be here at the same time. It will be like performing at a small acting class. You will get more than one try! (This method works great by the way. I have done it many times. It is low stress and fun. Many actors have told me they like how I do auditions.)
3. You will perform a scene based on any of the ideas below. You will be walking,
sitting, or standing at any of the locations shown in the photos.
You are a "reporter" talking to the camera. Sometimes you can call out to me, off camera. You are reporting what you see, and giving your thoughts and feelings on what you see.
OK, you start out walking... "Hi, my name is Marilyn, and I'm going to be reporting on what I see as we walk around my neighbourhood. We're going to walk on some streets and back lanes and go to some little parks by the ocean"
Then let's say you are walking.... as we approach a house you like or a garden
or a car or a view.... "Hey, can we stop for a minute? I want to talk about the house/garden/car/view" or whatever. And you talk about it. If you can think of something funny you can work into any of your chatter, that will be ideal.
You can get "sudden ideas".... "that house looks like a house that this girl I knew from school used to live in"..... and then you tell a story about that girl and something from high school. (which can all be made up). Then you go back to "reporting", talking about what you see.
If you see a car you like... maybe something like... "I had a boyfriend with a car
like that. We used to go on drives out in the country which I liked. Then he sold his  car so I split up with him"....
At one of the scenic spots you can take some selfies of yourself and hold your phone towards the camera sometimes. "I love the ocean. I grew up in a small town where all we had was a little river. And cows. Lots of cows".
Basically you just chatter, stimulated by what you see. Get the idea?
BTW, two of the actresses who don't get the lead role, can play smaller roles. Marilyn will "accidentally bump into them" or just meet them in two scenic spots. Marilyn will do "rehearsed improv" with them. They should be attention getting characters. They will only need to be on set for about an hour.
Basically, be chatty, look interesting, be interesting. Quirky is good. Superstitious is good. Weird beliefs are good. You can have Fake Hump Syndrome if you want! Watch the first 17 minutes of A Sweater Girl Covid Comedy to find out about that!
Any questions, just ask. I am easy to work with. We will have lots of laughs as we shoot this.
I want the finished movie to be 50 to 60 minutes long. I will try to have it all shot in 5 or 6 hours, but allow more time just in case.
Why work with me?
I am an "actors director". I have taken acting classes, memorized lines and gone to auditions. I know how much work it is to be an actor. I highly respect actors.
And, I know how to get superior performances from actors.
You can volunteer on short films. Many of them never get finished.
Most take months to finish in post production. Most get seen by the cast, crew and friends, and that's about it. That is reality.
With me, this project will get finished for sure. It will be edited
within a week, and you can then send the link to agents and casting directors.
With me, lots more people will see you.
You will be treated with dignity and respect. I have always treated everyone who works with me with dignity and respect.
You will get 2 IMDB credits.
Most volunteer short film shoots are very slow. You waste time. I shoot fast.
I am an award winning filmmaker, and I have been nominated for a Best Director Award. I will bring out the best in you. You will be getting on the job acting training and learn a lot.
My last short film is 23 minutes long. It is an inspring story of a young woman who was raped, and how she healed and learned to feel happy again. It has been submitted to 75 (and counting) film festivals so far, with about 10 of them being in the LA area, where the actress will be seen by at least some Hollywood people. She got an IMDB credit, here. I taught her my special acting technique.
She has already been seen at a New York film festival. (The rest will be happening over the next 8 months or so.) She won A Best Actress Award, see below. It has good acting. You can watch it here. (I helped another young actress win a Best Actress Award, here.)
This is why it is worthwhile working with me, for free. Plus I have paid projects planned!
I am planning another dramatic short film, which will inspire some addicts, alcoholics, and battered women. It will star a male about 35 and a female in her 20's. The shooting style will be similar to Mona's Me Too Story. A chance for two actors to really show what they can do. I have lots more projects too. SOME are on my homepage, here. 
My email again, here. No calls please. I don't have a mobile, so I don't text.
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I am planning another dramatic short film, which will inspire some addicts, alcoholics, and battered women. It will star a male about 35 and a female in her 20's. The shooting style will be similar to Mona's Me Too Story. A chance for two actors to really show what they can do. I have lots more projects too. SOME are on my homepage, here.
The above pic is a freeze frame from our last shoot. The Marilyn Monroe wig used there may also be used here. Plus two 1950's wigs will be used for Brandi and Betsy. You get to pick!
Comedy Movie 4 (Working title)
Synopsis, scene outlines, and other notes.
You create your own character! 
Feedback welcome!        Changes can be made!  What do you like or not   like? Email me here!
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Pictures of scene locations here. 
This site should be viewed on a computer, not a phone. UPDATE: I am now thinking the lead character might not be a "sweater girl." We may instead co-create a new character.
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