Actors wanted for a "rehearsed improv" movie! Male and female.
Beginner actors welcome! 18 to 30.
This is "rehearsed improv" as I call it, using scene outlines, producing segments for a feature film. This is a farce! A chance to be funny!
This is volunteer, though I am seeking an investor for $20,000. With an investor, you will get pay.  You get on camera experience, and footage for your demo reel. You will get an IMDB credit as well. Segments will be put on youtube, so you will have a link to send to agents and casting directors.
You create your own character, or we co-create your character, based on the ideas and photos below. If you have an attention getting outfit, and a character already, we can discuss that too!
Each segment will take about 2-3 hours to shoot. You might do just one shoot, or several, on different dates.
After getting your scene outline, you can practice using improv, with
your scene partner. It's easy!
Why work with me for free or cheap? See below. 
Email me here
"Rehearsed improv" is like it sounds. First, you get an idea for a scene... like where it starts, what's in the middle and where it goes. The characters practice it together a few times, before the shoot. Then we shoot it, improving if you forget a line.
We can use any of the scenes from these three scripts.... you can semi memorize them, or just study it and then wing it. Or modify them, or create your own scenes.
Look here.   Here.   And here. 
The scenes in the above scripts can be combined, or modified for a male and female. We may shoot some scenes with 3 or 4 characters. Most scenes will be with two characters. All covid safe. 
You can check out three of my recent movies elsewhere on this website.
If you want to apply, send some pics and a brief bio. A formal resume and head shots are not required.
I hope to get 8 interesting applicants who fit my general concept.
I will call in 4 for an audition, with everyone being here at the same time. Outdoors, covid safe. You will perform a monologue, based on
what you see by studying this page and the linked pages. It will be casual, like being in a small acting class. I will pair you up with someone for some improv. If you want to pick a scene partner right there, you can, or I will pair you up with someone.
You work with your partner on your own for a few days, and we shoot asap after that. We will do a pre shoot rehearsal if needed. 
I will do another audition with 4 others. After this audition, I will have a good idea on who will make the best pairs. If you are really keen, you can contact all 3 others in your group and brainstorm with them, and work with them on your own. The more ambitious you are, the more you'll get out of this.
Initially, we'll have just two characters in each segment. After that we'll have more people in each segment. (A segment should be about 7-10 minutes long, and a segment may have more than one scene.)
The first group people will likely be paired with people from the second group later. I will figure that out as we go.
NOTE: If I only get 3 or 4 people we will still make a movie! You will get more on screen time!
I want the compiled movie to be about 70 to 80 minutes long.
The locations will all be in my Kitsilano neighbourhood. Some scenes will be walking scenes, like you will see in two of my movies on this website.
No need to feel overwhelmed. Just think of one segment right now, with one other person. You'll feel more relaxed as we move along. You will get coaching and help. It will be like an easy acting class. If you have questions, just ask. You can do just one segment if you want.
This will be fun, and you will learn a lot. I am friendly and fun and
easy to work with. My email is here. No calls please. I don't text.
If you do well you will be considered for paid gigs in the future, but I can't guarantee that at this time. I am seeking funding, but it is not easy to get. I don't know if this movie will make any money. I will be doing a lot of work just to find out. If it starts making money, it will make it easier to find investors for the future, paid gigs.
When? As soon as I get the first 4 actors, we'll do an outdoor audition/meeting/brainstorming session and take it from there.
Apply by email, here. 
NOTE: An actor who wants to score a brownie point and get an extra credit can come a few minutes early to greet the others and assist.
Why work with me for free or cheap?
I am an "actors director". I have taken acting classes, memorized lines and gone to auditions. I know how much work it is to be an actor. I highly respect actors.
And, I know how to get superior performances from actors.
You can volunteer on short films. Many of them never get finished.
Most take months to finish in post production. Most get seen by the cast, crew and friends, and that's about it. That is reality.
With me, this project will get finished for sure. It will be edited
within a week, and you can then send the link to agents and casting directors.
Lots more people will see you.
You will get an IMDB credit in a feature film.
Most volunteer short film shoots are very slow. You waste time. I am quick and you will learn a LOT. I will teach everyone my "$10,000 acting trick" which you can ask me about at our audition meeting.
I am an award winning filmmaker, and I have been nominated for a Best Director Award. I will bring out the best in you. You will get on the job acting training.
My last short film is 23 minutes long. It is an inspring story of a young woman who was raped, and how she healed and learned to feel happy again. It has been submitted to 70 film festivals so far, with about 10 of them being in the LA area, where the actress will be seen by at least some Hollywood people. She got an IMDB credit, here. She learned my special acting technique.
She has already been seen at a New York film festival. (The rest will be happening over the next 7 months or so.) She won A Best Actress Award. 
We shot the movie on October 28, 2020. Since then, it has been seen a lot, and that lots more people are seeing it now.
This is why it is worthwhile working with me, for free. Plus I have paid projects planned.
Here are some ideas for your character.
A nerd, geek, sweater girl, muscle guy,
fitness freak, a new Pamela Anderson wannabe, a gothic person, Elvis, a rock star, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, pinup queen, mad scientist, crazy professor, a poet, a newbie actor, a songwriter, a young Bob Dylan, a Beatle, a Rolling Stone, Madonna, an "ancient astronaut theorist", or Lady Gaga. I may buy costumes, such as a sci fi space girl etc etc. Your ideas wanted too!
Get the idea? You can research all of the above on the net for more ideas.
The key thing to remember is your appearance should be attention getting. And you can do almost
anything you want to do.! We can collaborate and brainstorm! 
The wig above, the fake boobs and the sweaters are available if you want to use them. I hope one person at least will use them.
Remember, this is a farce!
The locations we will use are here. 
Social Distancing and all other safety precautions will be used during shoots.
"Safer than going to Safeway"
My facebook page, updated daily, is here.
   My facebook page,         updated daily, is here. 
I much prefer actors who are fully vaccinated against covid.
I have had 5 covid shots. 
NOTE; Since I made this webpage,  I have gotten more ideas! This project is evolving!  After I meet everyone, and listen to you, I will get more ideas, and we can brainstorm too. I will write lines that suit you, lines that you can perform perfectly!
I have helped two actresses win awards, as shown here. The top one was recent.
Below an actress is shown with her Best Actress Award, and that's me with my Platinum Award. Our producer is in the middle. The movie is here.
Showing skin in a movie can make it more successful. All 26 James Bond movies have shirtless scenes and bikini scenes. Here's Daniel Craig as James Bond, and Scarlett Johansson when she was starting out. Actors who are willing to show some skin get more auditions. Not just with my movies, but with big budget high pay movies too. Forget what your acting teacher may have told you, there is nothing wrong with doing this. You don't have to do it for your whole career. If you don't get noticed, you don't go anywhere.
For this movie I want a guy who will be shirtless and a woman to wear a bikini for one scene. There are other roles too where the characters are fully clothed. You can of course apply for one of those roles if you want. If you are OK being shirtless or wearing a bikini, email me here. 
Why movies are good investments. Article here. 
I make TV quality movies, proof here, and here. 
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